Lunchtime Laughter

Lunchtime Laughter

Lunchtime Laughter

Blu my mind

Just knowing that this is hand painted illegally on the streets of Buenos Aires and Baden makes it even that much better!

via, Wooster Collective

lunchtime laughter

Gilbert Grape on American Dad performed by squirrels.

they call it heavy metal

Its been a while since I have caught an episode, This was a classic and some how the episode ended up addressing the Spitzer scandal. Here’s a scene where Kenny gets sprayed by cat urine and starts to trip out and the next thing you know he’s in a scene from heavy metal. The south park kids are genius.

marilyn manson does prada…not really

prada season animation video

Check out this animated short at, An androgynous little girl meets satan and gets a new pocketbook, while listening to avantgarde Japaneses inspired music. It starts out really well, but it needs a bit of a edit.

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