Putt-Putt Perfection

18 holes, 18 putts. A short film by Mickey Duzyj telling the story behind the third perfect score in the 50-year history of putt-putt tournament competition.

“I Believe Acting is Truly Harnessing The Power of Belief”

Heath Ledger talks about getting into character in the latest Blank on Blank.

Morning Dose of Selfie

“A 60 second warning about self obsession” by Andy Martin

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Morning Dose of Black Gold

A new animation by PES that was commissioned by Italian designer Delfina Delettrez

5 Rules for Surviving Art School

A fun little animated piece by Andy Baker and Thomas Slater.

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The Oral History of SpongeBob SquarePants by Tom Heintjes

More than a decade has passed since Stephen Hillenburg’s porous protagonist established Bikini Bottom as a must-see outpost of popular culture. Tom Heintjes gathered insights and reminiscences from some of the people behind SpongeBob SquarePants to illuminate the making of a cultural phenomenon.

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Morning Dose of Die Hard

In 60 seconds

Morning Dose of Robohorse

“Most of My Records I Don’t Remember Making”

Stan Getz on his Wasted Years

Morning Dose of Olive Juice

A love story told through cheesy puns.

Made by Celia Rowlson-Hall

Morning Dose of the Weather

Morning Dose of Scientifically Accurate Flintstones

Fez & Friends

That 70,000 B.C. Show

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Based on the art of Jonny Negron

A video for Concorde’s song “Sons,” directed by Alexis Beaumont & Rémi Godin

Morning Dose of The Facts

Kangaroos can’t jump backwards by Rafael Mayrhofer

Global Politics in 30 Seconds

Morning Dose of Booty Clap

Made by Kirsten Lepore, who also created that magical piece “Move Mountain,” which we presented a couple days ago.

Jimi Hendrix’s Final Interview

Given one week before his death in September 1970, and now brought to life in an episode of Blank on Blank.

Move Mountain

A magnificent stop-motion film written, directed, fabricated, and animated by Kirsten Lepore.

“A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape, but a precipitous incident compels her to venture up a mountain in an attempt to save herself.”

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