Nice Weaves

RUG by Jonathan Hodgson

He Snooze, They Lose

Fatal consequences when Superman oversleeps his alarm.

Out steps the 25-karat, blonde transvestite with a $2 wristwatch

Inside the mind of Tom Waits.

The Monotony of Going Nowhere Fast

Something you’ve probably never thought of… the dark and twisted history of the treadmill.

Maddening to the Core


Hemingway For President

Because it’s impossible to be Ernest in this day and age.

Ink and White-Out

Night Vision, a new hand-drawn experimental animation by Jake Fried.

Extreme Consumption

How much of stuff (or lack of stuff) will kill you.

Heaven Is a Wet Hole

Outstanding work by Tara Sinn

OSGEMEOS’s Midnight Moment


From 11:57 pm to midnight each night this August, Times Square’s famed billboards are being taken over with ‘Parallel Connection,’ a high-profile installation featuring new animations by OSGEMEOS.


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California Cruisin’


by Erik Winkowski

Art of the Everyday

Still Life by KEVIN ESKEW

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