Beach Dick by Everyone’s Favourite.

Soylent to the Future

Animation by Simon Landrein.

Hold Tight

Fired on Mars, a brilliant short about a guy who gets fired from his job on Mars.

by Nick and Nate.

Burn the Witch

Radiohead is back at it.

“two very important American slang terms”

Patti Smith extols on the virtues of ‘fuckin’ shit.’

Elvis Presley’s Racquetball Obsession and Weight-Loss Regimen

When The King Held Court, a new short by Victory Journal.

Beginner’s Favorite

Moving On From Vanilla: A Light Intro into BDSM

Misaligned Clowns

Ottawa Gary tells some tales for the Forest City Rockers.


A 3D printed stop-motion animation by Eran Amir.

Finding The Funny

Transistor Sect


Andrew Jeffrey Wright is selling some of the animation sheets he made to animate Ed Templeton’s art for Toy Machine’s ‘Jump Off A Building’ skate video.

Buy one or all here

Jungle of Desire

A film about marital bliss, by Wong Ping.

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