“a playful film about control”

Made in 1957 by Polish director, Kristof Babaski.

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Morning Dose of Going West

By Andy Rementer and Margherita Urbani for Apartamento magazine.

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Morning Dose of Michel Homm


Made by Simon Landrein

Goodbye Rabbit, Hop Hop

This film by Caleb Wood can wake you up in the morning, mellow you out in the afternoon, and put you to sleep at night.

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Allison Schulnik’s new animated film which debuted last week at ZieherSmith.

The Mystery of Motion Sickness

What’s happening in our bodies when we feel car sick.

Lesson by Rose Eveleth, animation by Tom Gran.

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Morning Dose of Freaky Deaky

Morning Dose of 8-Bit Pulp Fiction

Would play this game.

Barry White is the One Artist Who Was Actually in the Bedroom with You at Your Most Sacred, Sensuous Moment of your Life

Barry White on his career and making love in the latest Blank on Blank

A Celebration of Etch a Sketch Inventor, André Cassagnes

by Christoph Niemann

Morning Dose of Meat Love

Jan Švankmajer


The History and Future of Everything

Twin Peaks Illustrated

by Martin Woutisseth

Weekend Watching: Christmas in Tattertown (1988)

Directed by Ralph Bakshi

“I gave myself this sabbatical, which stretched then into a lifestyle that lasted all my life”

An animated 2002 interview with John Updike about leaving New York, and writing while raising a family in the latest Blank on Blank.

William Onyeabor – “Atomic Bomb”


Morning Dose of Wallflowers

“a film for those who have ever been on a shit night out.”

Directed by Bjorn-Erik Aschim

Morning Dose of Hobbit Trivia Bitch

UP All Night

Primus, The Devil Went Down To Georgia

Directed by Mike Johnson

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