Echo Johnson as a Network Star

Tarantula comes to TBS sometime in the near future.


Coolest World

25 years after his last feature film, Ralph Bakshi, the animator’s animator.


Real State

P R O P E R T Y  by Simon Landrein.


Smart Awareness

Cream, by David Firth


“I’m such a spoiled old toad … I was blessed with a crappy life”

Charles Bukowski’s Crappy Life


It’s been a while…

Hi Stranger. Written, Directed, and Animated by Kirsten Lepore.


And Now a Word From The Ghost of the Mother of American Modernism

Georgia O’Keeffe with some wisdom from the grave.


Talking Pieces

Private Parts, by Anna Ginsburg


Virtual Vanity

Face Lift, by @Sleevesmith & @JerryPaperREAL



Confessions of A Breastimator, by Jisu Kim.

via, cartoonbrew

How to Choose When There Are No Good Choices

The Trolley Problem.

Directed by Eoin Duffy.

Spreadsheets in a Dead Heat

Work, even more business as usual.

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