“a playful film about control”

Made in 1957 by Polish director, Kristof Babaski.

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Obey the Radical Cat


Shepard Fairey’s contribution to this weekend’s Cat Art Show | Los Angeles includes this edition of 100 “Radical Cat” prints.

Morning Dose of Catlateral Damage

A forthcoming “first-person destructive cat simulator.”

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Dawn to Death – The Dolphins of Taiji

Falcons Hunting Crows


During pursuit, falcons keep the image of their prey in the same place on their retina all the way through until the finishing move.

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Your Dog Will Love the Realism of the Viewing Experience


The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Smug Bastards

The swimming pigs of the Bahamas

The Beauty of Mangrove Forests

We Wander

Directed by Dvein

“A bunch of animals hide in the darkness of the night, motivated by their very own instinct, not feeling menaced by anything or anyone. But a light disturbs their peaceful rest, they feel troubled when their land is invaded and everything becomes unexpected. The Sun rises, the animals leave, the sun light baths the land and we keep wandering around, not knowing where and when we are and nothing matters anymore.”

Man’s Best Compass


Off the leash, dogs align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field when they poo

Free Tilly


Queue up Blackfish on Netflix then go buy this collaborative shirt by Deer Dana & Kate Mara

Rare Moments


Owner: “He had just laid down in his spot to take a little nap, and he turned into a toboggan and slid 63 feet down the hill, hit a group of oak trees, which flung him around and upside down, and he was lodged.”

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Gold, Frankincense and Purrrrrr


A nativity scene in Red Hook has been taken over by feral cats

“Some were sausage-like, others pristine ovals, in colours ranging from whitish grey to dark brown-violet.”


The “World’s Oldest Public Toilet” was recently discovered at the Chanares Formation in Argentina. Dating back 240 million years, the producers of the “big lumps” were Dinodontosaurus, eight-foot-long megaherbivores that would be comparable to the modern day rhinoceros.

‘Tom and Jerry’ syndrome


“a new phenomenon whereby cats suffer seizures triggered by everyday sounds around the house, like the clicking of a computer mouse or the tapping of a boiled egg”

Unleashed: Menswear Dog

A Cat Petting Machine

Made by John Reed

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Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Tim Walker

Last Week…

We visited the New Era factory

R. Kelly sang Sex Dolphin

We looked at Plants & Animals

We checked out a book featuring Google Street View images of known prostitute hangouts


Martha Hunt was our Muse

Plants & Animals

Speaking of plants, we’re digging this Plants & Animals series by artist Stephen Eichhorn. Prints of Nine (IV) and Nine (V) are available here.

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