A BPA free Fish Tank ready for your lego creations.

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Morning Dose of Skateboarding Animals

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Nuclear Pests


Ground squirrels have been the cause of many alarms after continuously breaching the perimeter at the Malmstrom Air Force Base in Western Montana, where “150 Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles, each tipped with a nuclear warhead” reside.



The number of men this goat respects.

For The Sartorial Furry


Gitman Vintage’s snow leopard fur buttondown

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Morning Dose of Louis, the Bald Eagle

Really, Really Dark Meat


Ayam Cemani is an all-black chicken native to Indonesia.

“Their feathers are black. Their skin is black. Cut open an Ayam Cemani and you’ll find black muscle anchored to black bones. Even their organs are black.”

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The Serengeti Lion


An amazing up-close look

The Olinguito


A newly discovered carnivorous tree-dwelling mammal native to the Andean cloud forests of Ecuador and Colombia South America.

Picture of the Day


Garry Winogrand
Park Avenue, 1959

The Exact Answer to the Question: What Would It Look Like if Terry Richardson Photographed a Cat for a Magazine?


Lil Bub gets advice from a psychic on this day of cats over at Vice.


Saving the Mexican Zebra


As well as the history of Zonkeys in Tijuana

Morning Dose of The Wrong Song

A Simple Lesson


How to Draw a Cat

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“The kestrel was allowed to fly off after authorities determined there was no need to press charges.”


Turkish authorities briefly detained a bird, thinking that it was an “Israeli Spy.”

Morning Dose of The Scat Rap

The Dr. Seuss of this scat game.

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Funny Statue Denied


The City of Salem, Oregon denied a request by PETA to have a memorial statue installed at the site where a truck carrying over 5,400 chickens overturned, spilling the birds onto the pavement. Apparently,”“a considerable number” of chickens died in the crash, and many others appeared to have died during the cleanup phase.” The statue was designed by Harry Bliss.

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Picture of the Day


Peter Beard

“They are left so tipsy the gulls have been seen flying straight into buildings and into the paths of moving cars.”


British Seagulls are getting drunk on flying ants

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