Morning Dose of Gator Behavior

Andy Rementer for Lacoste Live SS13

Nick Cave’s HEARD•NY

Beginning today and running through March 31st, artist Nick Cave will transform Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Station into a field of play for his colorfully costumed horses. Choreographed Crossings happen daily at 11am and 2pm. Be sure to stop by.

More info at Creative Time

Lunchtime Laughter

Nick Kroll: Cats Are The Worst



Bringing Them Back to Life by Carl Zimmer

The revival of an extinct species is no longer a fantasy. But is it a good idea?



A Box of Puppies by Lena Dunham

“Until I was six, I had no pets at all, despite trying to catch rabbits in a net at the park and lure turtles with Sun Chips at other people’s country houses. My first (and worst) pet was a newt that choked to death on a bad worm. Next came a hairless cat my mother bought on Greene Street. Both were poor substitutes for the dog I wanted but couldn’t have. We didn’t have a proper home. We lived in what was essentially one big room, on Broadway. And all my promises to care for the dog were futile: I wasn’t even allowed to go outside alone.”

Bird Sounds


Brazilian Birds radio transports you right into the rainforest. Keep it on all day for full effect.

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Gif Magic


William Wegman’s first Gif, a hypnotic puppy.

Petting Zoo


An interactive picture book by Christoph Niemann for the iPad and iPhone.

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Lunchtime Laughter

Bird Hunted To Near Extinction Due To Infuriating ‘Fuck You’ Call

“Super Mega-Pod.”


A dolphin posse spanning 35 square miles was spotted hanging out near San Diego last Thursday.

via, gawker

Picture of the Day


Robin Schwartz

Morning Dose of Harry Grumbles

A bulldog in Manhattan.

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