Eastern Cougar, Rest in Peace

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has officially declared the eastern cougar extinct. If it makes you feel any better, the last official records featuring the large cat are from 1938.

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201,000 Camera Trap Images

Smithsonian Wild will keep you exploring all day long.

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Bonaparte man’s chicken lays a whopper of an egg

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Picture of the Day

The Best Picture on the Internet

Kitty Ripper

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Here’s the Banksy Scene From The Simpsons That the Blogosphere was Too Lazy to Dig Up Yesterday

The Rosy-Lipped Batfish

What a bitch

The Rosy Lipped Batfish is a marine animal common to Costa Rica’s Cocos Island. Although they are fish, they’re not very good swimmers. They’re easily recognized by their pouty lips and strange pectoral fins, similar to legs that allow them to crawl about the seafloor.


Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Corey Arnold

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We’ll be back on Tuesday, but first:

This week…

We looked at the Wave Garden

Jim Phillips wheel graphics were rad

We visited the Mondrian LA

These Cigarette Fridge Magnets made a point


Kate Upton looked drop dead gorgeous

Cat Laser Bowling

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Morning Dose of Dusty the Klepto Cat

The Baddest Lookin’ Bitch

A 5-year old Scottish deerhound named Hickory took home Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show yesterday.

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Picture of the Day

Arthur Metcalf

Picture of the Day

Dylan Menges

“She hadn’t been there long (still warm), and moving her carcass off the road revealed the salty silhouette from passing cars on a winter highway.”

FYI: This photo is real. Not a “Photoshop job.”

Headlines We Like


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Exit Through the Pet Shop

The Keyboard Cat takes on Banksy & co.

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A Cancer Sniffing Dog

From ABC Science:

“Japanese researchers are reporting a ‘lab’ breakthrough: a retriever that can detect bowel cancer in breath and stool samples as accurately as hi-tech diagnostic tools.”

Way to go Japan!

Morning Dose of Best Coast

Crazy for You

Bodega Cats

A nice flickr group, although I wish they would eliminate those cats that aren’t in bodegas…

photo by lollopins

Go Buy Now: Hello Kitty Art for Sale

Following up on Small Gift Miami, from prints to large works, there are still some great pieces of Hello Kitty art available. Have a look at some of the work above and email roger@rrockenterprises.com for more information on purchasing…and remember to mention who sent ya!

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