These Are Just Strange

Custom Pet Nose Print Necklaces

“You will receive a mold kit with detailed instructions in order to complete the molds of your prints” …No shit, because taking a mold of animal that’s awake seems pretty tough.

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Headlines We Like

Drunk Puppy Buying Banned by West Village Pet Stores

Lunchtime Laughter


Yoda, The World’s Ugliest Dog

Yup, nothing cute about this chihuahua at all.

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Naki’o: The World’s First Dog With Four Prosthetic Paws

Good looks on the humane tip.

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Kate Moss Thursdays

Béla: L’Homme Chat

A beautiful short doc by Paul Trillo about “a street performer who travels through the south of France with his cats.”

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Appetite for Children

Crazy things happen at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

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Chick Magnet

The white fennec fox

Topeng Monkeys

Saw a little blip in Metro this morning about these masked performance monkeys in Indonesia. Cruel as it is, they’re definitely good nightmare fuel.

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Picture of the Day


Picture of the Day

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Puppies Grow Up So Fast

Dunder the German Shepherd, from 8 weeks old to 1 year in 40 seconds.

Lunchtime Laughter

Tupac Cat

Watch this immediately, it’s Internet Gold. Well done Alex Pardee and Zero friends, well done. We await the corresponding t-shirt.

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Morning Dose of 13 Bears and Marijuana

(Thanks Toby!)

A Lame Day in Dogville

Bodhi is a skateboarding dog in Brighton, UK. Recently, his owner got fined for not keeping him on a leash after a couple of old ones weren’t looking where they were going and tripped over Bodhi’s board. Watch the little doggy ripper in action after the jump.

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Picture of the Day

Cat Catcher, 1998

Picture Of The Day

Russian photographer Alexander Rodtschenko (1881-1956)

Lunchtime Laughter

How to stop cats pissing on your car

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