“We do have a sketch artist that came and did a rendering of who we believe is responsible for the marijuana heist, and so, we are currently looking for something that resembles a mouse like this,”



Getting High Injecting Snake Venom

And then there is this article in National Geographic about the medical potential of venom.

Picture of the Day


Jill Greenberg

The Internet Archive of Animal Sounds


Or as it’s formally known, The Macaulay Library at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

This is what that awesome looking creature, the Sun Bear sounds like.

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To The Dinner Table No Longer!


1000 adult cats were saved after a truck carrying them to market in China got into an accident in Changsha, Hunan. No kittens were aboard as “eating kittens is considered bad luck” over there.

Lunchtime Laughter

Dog owners are F@#&ing nuts

Morning Dose of Nice Dreams


Lunchtime Laughter

The time John Cho got slapped down by Morrissey

That Time Back in 1966 When Woody Allen Boxed a Kangaroo

(Thanks Alex!)

This Guy…

Gettin’ it.

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Morning Dose of Cow Almighty

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So This Guy Eats a Dead Fox on The Side Of The Road

These are the skills we’ll have to learn for the future.

Roadkill Food For Louis

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