The Amur Falcon Massacre

Each year over 15,000 of these raptor birds are poached during there migration through the Doyang reservoir in Wokha, Nagaland. Here’s that story.

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Hachi Supply

Art collars and leashes for your dog.

It Took A While to Figure Shit Out

A rad animated short by Arthur Metcalf that asks the question “How well did our ancestors understand their own biology?”

Morning Dose of Ed Ruscha, Woody, and the World’s Hottest Pepper

Morning Dose of Rolling Over

Princess don’t like listening.

Whatever This Is…

You’ll find it briefly entertaining.

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Shootin’ Rabbits With The East Bay Rats

Fresh Off the Boat with Eddie Huang


Dog Show

A series from way back in 2004 by Aurel Schmidt.

Nomadic Mongolian Cashmere Herders

A Cashmere Story by Pearly Jacob

Doggy Radio by Yoshitomo Nara

The cutest way to combine art and music.

Lunchtime Laughter

I Saw Manatees Gang Rape A Crippled Manatee Once

During The Siege of Leningrad All of the Animals in the City Died

Here’s a story about the cats who live under the Hermitage Museum

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