A Lame Day in Dogville

Bodhi is a skateboarding dog in Brighton, UK. Recently, his owner got fined for not keeping him on a leash after a couple of old ones weren’t looking where they were going and tripped over Bodhi’s board. Watch the little doggy ripper in action after the jump.

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Picture of the Day

Cat Catcher, 1998

Picture Of The Day

Russian photographer Alexander Rodtschenko (1881-1956)

Lunchtime Laughter

How to stop cats pissing on your car

All The Dogs Want To Kill Me

Photography of the dogs that try to attack mailman Ryan C. Bradford

“He won’t bite you, but he will lick you to death,” – Every dog owner.

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The More You Know: How To Extract Snake Venom Using An Electric Current

Simple enough.

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Baby Aardvark

What a weird looking animal.

more at zooborns

Gif Magic

NYC rats.

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Dogs Making Homemade Bread

Funny stuff from Sesame Street

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Polo Ralph Lauren Tropical Rhino Print Swim Trunk

Oh man, these are so tight. I saw this Tropical Rhino print on a Polo shirt over the weekend deep in Brooklyn, and am sad I did not pick it up since it’s not online.

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Makes Total Sense

Cats in Cherry Blossom trees

Giant Fish & Crocodile Pillows

There’s a great selection of these at Cabela’s

Lunchtime Laughter


Hipster Animals

These are funny

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Once Again, Need to Start Hanging Out With This Guy

Richard Branson is trying to create a caribbean island sanctuary for lemurs, 8000 miles away from their native Madagascar. They are cool looking animals.

Kate Moss Thursdays

The Spring Lamb 3-D Cake Pan

Who wouldn’t be impressed if you brought this over for dessert?

Available through Nordic Ware for $20*

*anyone who buys this, send me a picture of the final result and I’ll publish it.

Picture of the Day

Irving Penn


Rad work from Daniels

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