A Booze-Filled Night of Terror for one of the Rarest Fish in the world


Beer cans, vomit, empty shotgun shells, and one dead Devils Hole pupfish were all that remained Sunday morning after 3 men broke into the protected Death Valley reserve the night before on a drunken rampage.

The Literary Artist


Work by Dave Eggers

No More Crunchies Or Else!!!

The Worst


This tiny endangered dolphin died after being passed around a crowd for selfies.

Bird Moves


Gif-out to a year of migration for 118 bird species across the Western Hemisphere.

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The Panda of the Sea


China’s relatively small, but insatiable appetite for the giant totoaba fish’s swim bladder, aka “Aquatic Cocaine,” is putting another species at risk, the vaquita, which is the world’s smallest porpoise. Less than 100 of these shy little creatures are left in the northernmost section of the Gulf of California, the only place they live.

Humans of Paradise

Half of all Lion Hunting in Africa is Conducted by Americans


And that’s why the US plans on giving lions in Africa the not-so-coveted endangered species status.

Just Another Day Down Under


An Australian man working in his backyard recently discovered a five-foot lizard chilling on the side of his house.

All The Racist Koalas

Kevin Hart takes on the nature in Australia.

Feline Indifference


“Are cats domesticated?”

Beware of Falling Cows


A french driver in the Pyrenees mountains recently survived an accident in which a cow fell off of a cliff and onto the hood of his car. The cow however was not as lucky, though it did escape a life probably destined for slaughter. Steak tartare, anyone?

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