From the Falcon’s Point Of View

Catching a duck in midair, then chuckling about it.

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up


Simen Johan

This Week…

We interviewed Mark Ryden

We looked through San Francisco photography

We introduced Yung Lenox

This photo of a falcon in the hospital was cool


Amber Anderson was our Muse

The Prudest Shiba Inu

The Largest Falcon Hospital in the World


Is located in Abu Dhabi.



Apex Predator by Brian Lam

Can a crew of scientists and volunteers armed with homemade trackers save sharks from extinction?

How to Catch a Frog


A video by Travis Milliard, narrated by Aesop Rock and Kimya Dawson for The Uncluded’s upcoming album Hokey Fright. Available May 7th through Rhymesayers.

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To Be Worn By Eddie Huang, All Summer Long


Gitman Vintage’s new Panda Print short sleeve shirt. 



Out in the Great Alone by Brian Phillips

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race pushes participants to the brink on an unforgiving trek to the end of the world. And, as one writer who tracked the race by air discovers, that is exactly the point.

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Morning Dose of Hamihadarigeri

Ill sounds by Oorutaichi with visuals by Sojiro Kamatani.

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Eating the “bullies of the ecosystem”


“Feral Bacon” would sound more appetizing rebranded as “Wild Bacon,” but we’d eat it nonetheless. “Kentucky Tuna” sounds good too.  Malicious but Delicious.

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True Facts About The Duck

A 72-year-old Tortoise Who “Defied Hitler” Has Come Back From The Dead


It’s Earth Day Ya’ll, anything can happen.


Important Research


Can Humans Get High On Catnip? & Can cats get high on marijuana?

Lunchtime Laughter

Wildlife Foodies



There Are No Pythons Here by Caty Enders

When the Florida Wildlife Commission offered $1,500 for the most Burmese Pythons caught in the Everglades in a month, they had no idea that almost 1,600 would-be wranglers and a cabal of journalists would flock to the cypress swamps for what turned out to be more of a reality-TV audition than a good ole-fashioned bounty hunt. Now that the dust has settled, what was the point of it all?


Morning Dose of Basketball Cats

ADHD reincarnates Thunder Cats… sort of.

This Kid For The Win

Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions



Getting stuffed: a tale of love and taxidermy by David Sedaris

David Sedaris wanted to buy a stuffed owl as a romantic gift, but tracking one down was only the beginning. In this exclusive tale, one of the world’s greatest storytellers recalls his introduction to a weird world of dead kittens and preserved Pygmies

“he loved cheeseburgers far too much to worry about any birds.”


Cats can get addicted to McDonald’s too.

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