Morning Dose of The Scat Rap

The Dr. Seuss of this scat game.

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Funny Statue Denied


The City of Salem, Oregon denied a request by PETA to have a memorial statue installed at the site where a truck carrying over 5,400 chickens overturned, spilling the birds onto the pavement. Apparently,”“a considerable number” of chickens died in the crash, and many others appeared to have died during the cleanup phase.” The statue was designed by Harry Bliss.

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Picture of the Day


Peter Beard

“They are left so tipsy the gulls have been seen flying straight into buildings and into the paths of moving cars.”


British Seagulls are getting drunk on flying ants

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35 Days and Nights


The amount of time a British man will live like a stray dog inside a cage at the Manchester Dogs’ Home.

“he has even had a ­microchip ­implanted in his shoulder to make the ­experience more authentic.”

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Be More Dog


Picture of the Day


Simen Johan

Ask Me About My Cat


A t-shirt by Malia Jensen



Last Song for Migrating Birds by Jonathan Franzen

From glue-covered sticks in Egypt hang two lives, and a question: How can we stop the slaughter of songbirds migrating across the Mediterranean?

Cat Breeds on Cigarette Cards

From simpler times

“The corpse will be sent to a museum but obviously this is just terrible.”


A rare bird is now even rarer. Bird watchers flocking to the Isles of Harris in Scotland for a chance sighting of the White-throated Needletail, the world’s fastest bird, got some gore in their field of vision as they watched the bird fly directly into a wind turbine and kill itself.

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“Even over the motor, I could hear it. I could hear its feet on the road.”


Dire wolves are alive and well in British Columbia… and they’re preying on motorcyclists.

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Crazy Dogs

Over-the-top grooming takes center stage in photographer Ren Netherland’s series Extreme Pets.

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Kate Moss Thursdays


Cat coordinated

Picture of the Day


Paola Pivi

“Our candidate promises to sleep, eat, yawn and play in the dirt and that is what he will do if he wins the election.”


A cat is running for mayor in the Mexican city of Xalapa

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Aggressive Beavers in Belarus


One recently killed a 60-year old fisherman.

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“Welcome to Sea World, Kid.”


A North Carolina couple has made their way to Hawaii in hopes of having a dolphin-assisted water birth. The baby’s name will be Bodhi, and he will be subject to Point Break references for his entire life.

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The Private Life of a Cat

A 1944 silent film by husband-and-wife duo Maya Deren and Alexander Hammid.

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