Street Dog for The Street Dogs

Jay Howell and Ignored Prayers team up on a shirt with all proceeds benefitting NKLA, the No Kill Los Angeles animal shelter.

Buy one—or more—here

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Elephant Society

Complex and beautiful.


Taking Artistic License With The Audio

How Nature Documentaries Are Fake


Dragon Blood

Way better than Neosporin.


Snake Throat

Deforestation forced a 23-foot-long python to seek alternative food sources and swallow an Indonesian farmer whole.



What to call the last of a species.


The Winds of Climate Change

Human Made’s Polar Bear paper weight.

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White Mice

Scientists have developed cocaine-resistant rodents.


Ghost of The Original Party Animal

Nice to have Spuds MacKenzie back on this side of 21.


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Snake in the Hole

Keeping Portland stereotyped, this girl had the #CRAZIEST thing happen to her.


(Almost) Everyone Wins

In #cuteanimaltweetoff, animal prisons across America show off their most adorable captives. At least there’s still animals though!


Squirrel Power

Forget hackers hacking into cyberspace, the real threat to the web and its networked world comes from the animal kingdom.

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