Operation IceBridge

Highlights from NASA’s airborne survey of Earth’s polar ice

30,000 ft in the Air and “in His Own World”


An couple on a flight from Medford, Oregon to Las Vegas, Nevada recently gave fellow passengers quite the sex show by performing multiple “lewd, indecent, and obscene sex acts on each other.” The key word here is “multiple.”

F* Your Bike Lanes


Paravelo: The world’s first flying bicycle

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Morning Dose of Airplane Safety

Tom Sachs and Van Neistat’s preflight video for VistaJet.

Too Much Fun


This gigantic airplane slide in the Ukraine.


Motocross in an airplane boneyard.

“galleries in the sky”


This February, Virgin Atlantic is dipping its wings into the commercial art world and putting on a selling exhibition of Ben Eine’s art in its upper-class clubhouses at Heathrow and JFK airport.

Somali Pirates on an Airplane (Or Not)

Todd James x Vistajet is fake. Whatever, kickstart it now or something..

Also, if you’re in NYC tonight Todd has a new show opening with Alexis Ross at 560 Washington St.

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The World’s Worst Airline?

Apparently, that’s North Korea’s Air Koryo.

Now complete with online booking.

His Mother Went To Africa To Hire A Witch Doctor to Place A Curse on Prosecutors

The case of the JFK baggage handler who was given 3 life sentences for masterminding a global drug ring.

Airplane Friendly?

The OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

The Spy Hawk

A remote control glider plane capable of recording First Person Video, in case you want to keep track of your sheep.

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The Orvillecopter

Part cat, part machine. Dutch artist Bart Jansen along with Arjen Beltman made a cat into remote controlled taxidermy helicopter. 

Watch it in action after the jump

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A Great Complement To Your Million Dollar Lake House

The Flying Hovercraft.

Flight Simulation and Footage From The December 2000 Attempted Hijacking of British Airways Flight 2069

Bryan Ferry was on the flight.

226 feet, 10 inches

The new world record for the distance a paper airplane can be thrown.


The Flying Pinto Did Not Fly

It actually killed.

The Expanding Airport

A short animated film made in 1958 for Washington International Airport written, produced, and directed by Charles and Ray Eames.

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The Woman Who Fell To Earth

About a year ago Vice interviewed Juliane Koepcke, the lone survivor of a 1971 plane crash in Peru. The resulting read is fascinating.

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