Morning Dose of Ten Little Indians

A catchy anti-drug PSA from 1972.

(Thanks Simon!)

Lunchtime Laughter

White Ad Execs Make Commercials for Black People

“the more OK you consume, the more OK you feel”


The history of OK Soda: Coke’s Failed Gen-X Drink.

One added bit of history not included is Shepard Fairey’s early campaign against it.

Vans Parade

A Brand Anthem directed by Ross Harris

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Light Super Bowl XLVII Commercial

Lunchtime Laughter

The Baltimore Black Birds for the win.

Morning Dose of Pornhub’s Rejected Super Bowl Commercial

{note: contains light touching}

Morning Dose of Child of the 90s

Internet Explorer is such a great name.

“Do More”

Casey Neistat travels the globe step-by-step courtesy of Nike’s FuelBand.

Broadway By Light

A 1958 film by William Klein

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directed by Spencer Susser

The Only Gaseous Korean Doll Commercial You Need To Watch Today


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