banned commercial

Created for Suburban Auto Group, “the trunk monkey” ad’s depict a monkey bribbing police, hitting people of the head with crowbars, and dumping bodies of bridges. The ads are old but they are funny. I can only imagine what the advertising pitch must have been like.

japanese packaging


I love that drunken panda-seals lounge on peanut snack packages sniffing beer? Check out, PingMag

ad campaign image

The fashion house, Forte Forte ‘s spring ad campaign. There’s something about this image I like, its suggestive, provocative, sparks interest. You can check out there site, but there is not much there. I hope the clothes look this good.

Living book




The Jungle Book 2 Press Book created by Zapping in Madrid for Buena Vista International. The pressbook was bound with a cover made of special paper containing seeds. After a couple of weeks the seeds will begin to grow.

advertisement for plastic surgery

This is the worlds best ever ad for plastic surgery, and a really cool cup to have your coffee in.

kate moss thursdays


Kate Moss for Just Cavalli.

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