Letting Cats Loose in Ikea

Well, that bit of advertising worked.

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This commercial for the Steve Young Football iPad App is the best one we’ve ever seen.

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Thank You Ray Lewis

And thank you to whichever ad agency is doing these Old Spice ads.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

(Thanks Kiji!)

A Note From Headquarters

Thanks. More info here

Rime for Dolby Digital

With a little Pollock influence.

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Coke Money makes it all possible

Coke Burn Ignite | Ride featuring Steve Berra


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Eat it All

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Morning Dose of Awesome

A fitting tribute to Griffey Jr.

SSSSSSSSSSSSay What? Max Headroom: The Complete Series

Can’t say I remember too much about this guy besides his Coke commericals. If you have the desire to immerse yourself in some 80s nostalgia, all 14 episodes of the television are now on dvd. Complete with a lenticular cover.  Get familiar after the jump.

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Morning Dose of Awesome

G-Shock x Kenzo Digital present Dee & Ricky “Super Ultra Kara-tay”

Stop motion animation, martial arts, original music production, and Legos.  Can’t beat that.

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