Mike Tyson’s 1-Step Angry Birds Addiction Cure

Anything Tyson.

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1992 Japanese Legend of Zelda Commercial

With hip-hop influences

Morning Dose of Gangs of Cats With Thumbs


We’re Selling A Banner Ad on Ebay** Update All Money From This Week’s Ad Will Go To The Red Cross to Help the Situation in Japan

After last week’s success, we’re at it again and will be auctioning off our second 300 x 250 ad spot.  We’ve been excited about the response so far, and are now even more excited about the projects we have coming up because of the generosity of some brands. Big thanks to Voyurl, who won last week’s auction. Check the site out, it’s intense!

So what are you waiting for? Get the full rundown over on ebay now.

Morning Dose of Misery Bear

Might just let that Kate Moss scenario fully play out if we were in Misery Bear’s fur…

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Morning Dose of Chinese Cleavage Clamps


We’re Selling a Banner Ad on Ebay

Since we’re always looking for innovative ways to raise cash for projects and keep this website afloat, we’ve opted to sell one of our banner ads through ebay. I’d say the people who read this website are a qualified bunch, so it makes perfect sense that you’d want to reach them with whatever nonpornographic message you’ve got.

You can get the full rundown over on ebay

We Used to Have It Rough

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Kate Moss Thursdays

Kate Moss’s right nipple helps model a bag

Coke Zero Train Graffiti Commercial

Well, this is a first.

What the Hell is Going On in This Video?

Is this an Agnés B commercial?

Morning Dose of the Best Nintendo Commercial You Will Ever See

Voiceovers by RZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Music by Prince Paul. Live Graffiti by Wane, Reas, Wen, Relm, and Jesto. 1993. In the words of Wen, “the video was banned from networks for being too ill.”

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