home drinking

Maktub Beverage ads, the concept of home delivery of alcohol. “Drinks for Every occasion”. Extreme occasion.

Picture of the Day

Adrian Lander

When Cartoons didn’t Care

sex really sells

Foot Fetish alert. Check out the editorial “spread” from Vogue Nippon. We know things are a bit looser outside of the U.S. I do not think you would ever wear the shoes, but you sure like looking at them. photographed by Zoren Gold & Minori.

IBM’s reverse graffiti commerical

More proof that ad agencies are really struggling for new ideas.

reality check

I have been seeing these little numbers making their way around campus (second stop off the L). I am not sure the reason but, it’s aN interesting statement in these uncertain times.

black metal panties

Agent Provocateur’s black metal slutty underwear is a hit. The campaign titled ‘Tableaux Vivants’, stars up-and-coming it-girls/rock scions Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe. The campaign is filled with lace, latex thigh-highs, and whips.

For more photo’s, check out this.

Mark Jenkins, greenpeace, and polar bears

Images of Polar Bear costumed figures first turned up on Wooster Collective a couple days ago and I thought nothing of it, just some human protest.  Apparently not.  Animal got to the bottom of the story and it turns out they are figures created by Mark Jenkins for a Greepeace campaign.  Funny thing, the DC cops called in the bomb squad to dismantle the art.

Read about it here

Strange ass shit

Check out this, Thai Sylvania Light Bulb Ad. Crazy bizare shit. via: wfmu.

Oasis’s grassroots marketing

Oasis is putting a spin on how to release a record. Starting Today, they will attend a private rehearsal as NYC street performers learn three never-before-heard songs from Oasis’ new album Dig Out Your Soul, which doesn’t hit stores ‘til October 7. From there, the multi-genre musicians–from indie rockers to jazz guitarists to a shred violinist—will take the new tunes to street corners, subways and landmarks all over the City. Click here for the map of locations.

metalica’s new album comes out next week.

And their record leaked, Its pretty good, thank god they got rid of Bob Rock. Anyway we thought we should reminisce over this. Remember when Metalica wanted to sue you for everything?  Camp Caos what on point with these funny as shit, video’s. Enjoy

Weirdest low budget commercial featuring gymnasts

Scratch that. Anything with gymnasts is pretty weird. Taco pop!
via, WallStreetFighter

Espn Monday Night Football ad

Expensive execution for an ad alongside wheatpastes. But really when it comes down to it, I love football but, I seriously hate Monday’s.

Beefscapes are Meatscapes

Advertising agencies can get real lazy.  The ad above is for beef (actually “Powerful Beefscapes”) and looks strikingly similar to Nicolas Lampert’s series of Meatscapes.  Weak Sauce.

Picture of the Day

Print-ad campaign for German lifestyle magazine DEUTSCH

via, The Publics

it’s all a bunch of lies

Brad Meltzer’s, “Book of Lies”, that is….A who’s who of geeks — from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” creator Joss Whedon to “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof to Lost writer and comic creator Brian K. Vaughn to author Christopher Hitchens — talking about the purported connection between the murder of the biblical figure Abel and the murder of the father of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. Thats all I am going to say, well I bet Danzig will pick this one up!

f@ck yeah useless fun

Thank you Metalife for this one. Cupcake Happiness.

My Favorite car is a bmw

Truth in used car advertising. (click for huge)

via, copyranter

Krink Sauce

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