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A look back at Wired’s 1992 Media Kit

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Today in Beer Marketing Gimmicks


Budweiser is introducing an already crushed Bowtie-Shaped Can.

Jeff Koons Art Magazine Ad Series

Four ads taken out in four different publications (Artforum, Art in America, Flash Art, and Art News) used to publicize the exhibition of his now famous ‘Banality Series’ in 1988. The show happened simultaneously in three galleries, with each sculpture in an edition of 3.

From Wikipedia:

Each of the full-page features depicted different parts of Koons’ reputed persona:

• A propagator of the banal: Koons is shown alongside two pigs
• A bad influence on future generations: he is in a classroom with lots of children, a blackboard contains the slogans “Exploit the Masses” and “Banality as Savior”
• A gigolo: he is standing in front of a boudoir-style tent
• A ladies man: he is with a pony and several women in bikinis

Lunchtime Laughter

Camp Vibes: Poler’s Instructional Video from the “’80s”

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Casey Neistat Makes A Car Commerical


And gets a new car in return.

The Mercedes CLA Project

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1991 Saab 900 – A rolling tribute to Swedish Automotive Design


This classified ad—complete with Wes Anderson type—almost makes you want to buy this money pit*.

“* A note on the subject of maintenance: It is critically important that you understand this is a vintage auto made by Northern Europeans who had a particular vision for what a car should be. While this will inevitably lead to some frustrations on your end when troubles arise, it’s important to keep a solid perspective that these minor issues are part of the entire Saab owning “experience”. Of course, if you’re not interested or not willing to take part in such a relationship, there are some solid Toyota dealerships in Paramus we could recommend.”

Morning Dose of Ten Little Indians

A catchy anti-drug PSA from 1972.

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Lunchtime Laughter

White Ad Execs Make Commercials for Black People

“the more OK you consume, the more OK you feel”


The history of OK Soda: Coke’s Failed Gen-X Drink.

One added bit of history not included is Shepard Fairey’s early campaign against it.

Vans Parade

A Brand Anthem directed by Ross Harris

Will Ferrell’s Old Milwaukee Light Super Bowl XLVII Commercial

Lunchtime Laughter

The Baltimore Black Birds for the win.

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