Adriana Lima Lets The Cups Runeth Over


Adriana Lima Has Quite the Reflection

Adriana Lima is Practicing for Brazil 2016

Adriana Lima Channels Amy Winehouse

The singer passed away one year ago, today.

Adriana Lima is Really Getting into Crabwalking This Summer

Adriana Lima Welcomes You Back After A Much Needed TWBE Vacation

Adriana Lima in the Water Goes Splish, Splash

Adriana Lima Shows Lenny Kravitz The Benefits of Marriage

The two were once engaged back in 2002. You know how that story goes.

Adriana Lima Is Wearing A Belt

Yeah, it doesn’t make too much sense, huh?

Adriana Lima is Thinking Hard About Spending The Rest of The Summer on the Beach

Adriana Lima is Surely Ready To Meet The King Beyond The Wall

Adriana Lima Doesn’t Believe in Umbrellas

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