Adriana Lima Shows Lenny Kravitz The Benefits of Marriage

The two were once engaged back in 2002. You know how that story goes.

Adriana Lima Is Wearing A Belt

Yeah, it doesn’t make too much sense, huh?

Adriana Lima is Thinking Hard About Spending The Rest of The Summer on the Beach

Adriana Lima is Surely Ready To Meet The King Beyond The Wall

Adriana Lima Doesn’t Believe in Umbrellas

Adriana Lima Shows Off That Monday Morning Feeling

Don’t talk to me Dawg.

Adriana Lima’s Got That Puppy Power

Adriana Lima is Part of Your Daily Breakfast

Adriana Lima Wouldn’t Have That Smile If She Was Around That Little Sadist Joffrey

Adriana Lima Liked It Better When Kenny Powers Was Dead

Adriana Lima Wears The Obvious

Adriana Lima is That Excited For The New Season of Game of Thrones

Adriana Lima Gets Help In Displaying The Most Important Model Gang Sign

Adriana Lima is Happy To Officially Welcome Spring Into The Northern Hemisphere This Week

Adriana Lima is a Reminder of Fresh Spring Fever

Adriana Lima Also Wore Bikinis Early on in Her Career

Adriana Lima is Feeling The Effects of Overindulgence

Adriana Lima Enjoys That Morning Light

Adriana Lima Thinks That The Monday After The Super Bowl Should Be a National Holiday


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