Revok Presents The World’s Best Graffiti (pt. 1)

A while back I asked Revok if he would be interested in doing a monthly column about who’s killing it in the graff world.  I was psyched when he said yes.  So now without further ado, Roid.

Stuffed Tongues

Jason Lee (not Brodie) grew up in Queens, New York and is the Art Director of TransWorld Skateboarding.  This is his website.

Reminisce Over This

Funkdoobiest, Wopbabalubop (feat. B-Real), 1993

Jackie Paper

Big ups to our girls Laura Pinello and Lori Zimmer (along with Mollie White) on their new creative venture, Jackie Paper.

They’ll be debuting two projects in their booth (E12) at this years Scope Fair in NY.  A solo exhibition of mixed media, drawings and video installations by Ryan V. Brennan, and their Art Machine which is awesome.  Stop by and show some love!

Ed Templeton’s video walk through of Seconds Pass

Nike gets all Pixação with this Brasil Pack

Nice work Nunca.

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The Holy Sandwich

I’m not really sure what’s going on here but, it makes me hungry.

See more here

Lunchtime Laughter

The Gloves Would have been Better

Smithsonian rejects O.J. Simpson’s acquittal suit

Morning Dose of Awesome

via, peggy wang

Doctor Says I need A Backiatomy

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Babes of Yore: Marguerite Empey

Marguerite Empey was an American Model, dancer, and actress.  A killer babe, with a killer body.

Big thanks to our girl Kristin who makes this feature happen every week

This piece speaks to me

Erik Foss & Todd James
Paint & Collage on Paper, 20×24″
available at White Walls

Reminisce Over This

Lords of the Underground, Chief Rocka, 1993

Tampon Chandelier

Perfect for a leaky ceiling.

via, the dw

The State of the Internet

Some next level, information geekiness.

Martin Scorsese’s Favorite Movie Posters

I’m pretty sure the guy has seen enough of them to know what’ he’s talking about.


Metal iPhone Cases

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am on my 5th iPhone because the stupid things crack every time I drop one.  I have started looking into cases, and am intrigued by Exovault’s aluminum and brass cases.  The rectangleness doesn’t bother me one bit, I’m just wondering what the weight is like?

Check out the store and see more examples

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival

I don’t really know what’s going on, something about dieting to make you holy?  What I do know, is that there is a pic of a man with a machine gun through his mouth on the other side of this post.  Learn more about the Phuket Vegetarian Festival here

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