A Tattooed Lady Exhibition

For years now I’ve been getting marketing emails from the Suicide Girls containing pictures of a different girl each day. Today, I decided to put some of those images to use. Enjoy.

“What do you think it is about youth that you keep coming back to?”

Ryan McGinley and Gus Van Sant have a discussion

Toast Wooden iPad Covers

These look great.

Available in Walnut (above), white-washed ash, and bamboo.

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Reminisce Over This

2Pac, California Love ft. Dr. Dre and Roger Troutman, 1995


Germany now has a swearing hotline.

Olympic Vermin

Probably the first time we’ve ever used ‘cute’ on the site.

Classy Computing

The Redecker computer brush

Photo: Jonathan Nesteruk/New York Magazine

Warhol Ones

These $1 bills made by Andy Warhol for a 1971 fundraiser are probably the cheapest Warhol pieces you can buy.

“In December 1971, Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) held a fundraiser where they commissioned several prominent artists to make “art cash” for a gaming night. Robert Raushenberg created his own $12 bill and Andy Warhol made $1 bills, the result which you see here. The money was printed by the American Banknote Company on the same paper used for U.S Currency at the time (although minus the threading employed for anti-counterfeiting measures). This stack of fifty bills offered by Exhibition A originated from the estate of E.A.T.’s founder and is extremely rare. All Warhol Ones are sold in very good condition.”


The Fat Ronny

A Fat Witch Bakery Brownie sliced in half and filled with Ronnybrook Creamery’s Chocolate Ice Cream.

Part of the Serious Eats feature 6 Ice Cream Sandwich Hacks Around NYC.

Also, if you’re in Union Square today, go to Coolhaus and get a free RUBY SPARKS Ice Cream Sandwich to celebrate the opening of the movie.

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Lunchtime Laughter

The George Jefferson Dance.

Sherman Hemsley, Rest in Peace.


In the northernmost reaches of Norway lies a small coastal fishing village named Vardø. For the past 20 years, residents have been leaving the village, decreasing the population from 4000 to 2000. Over the past few weeks, a group of internationally acclaimed artists have been visiting the town to paint murals in a hope to breathe some life back into the abandoned buildings and homes that have been left vacant by residents moving away. The concept for the event came from the mind of a man named Pøbel, who spent the past year tying up all the loose ends and curating the festival.

Photos courtesy of Ian Cox and HuskMitNavn


The art of distortion

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