Just Another Night in The Wolf’s Den at Mohegan Sun

U Can’t Touch This

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This Kid…

Mom: “Sometimes a little public humility is what they need nowadays to get a point across.”

Morning Dose of Tantrums

It is Monday after all.

Adriana Lima is Helping Us Cope With The Last Full Week of American Summer

Picture of the Day

Helen Levitt


Watch this, it’s an amazing new series by Carson Mell.

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Sound Advice 152: Jeremiah Mandel

We are pleased to present our 152nd installment of Sound Advice featuring Jeremiah Mandel. Jeremiah is a NY-based creative director and all-around dapper dude.
Sound Advice 152
01. Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath
02. Castles Made of Sand by Jimi Hendrix
03. King Leer by Morrissey
04. Bad Thing by King Tuff
05. Used To Be by The Dream
06. A Certain Person by Light Asylum
07. A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours by The Smiths
08. If It’s Here When We Get Back It’s Ours by Texas Is The Reason
09. Sally Cinnamon by The Stone Roses
10. Lucretia My Reflection by The Sisters of Mercy
11. Young Men Dead by The Black Angels
12. Half On A Sack by Three 6 Mafia
13. Eat A Dick (ft. Ozone) by Sir KASHFLOW
14. Alone & Stoned by King Tuff
15. Carmelita by GG Allin and the Criminal Quartet

25 Grams: Tim Diet

We’ve returned once again to 25 Grams, a feature that culls pictures from some of our favorite photographer’s instagram feeds.

Tim Diet is an Oakland-based photographer. These images are from an ongoing series about sidewalk graffiti.

He can be followed on instagram at @timdiet

UP All Night

Happy Mondays, Kinky Afro

Art Openings: SF, NY, LA

Leave the Beef on the BBQ at Guerrero Gallery, Lush at Klughaus, and Shepard Fairey “Americana” at Perry Rubenstein.

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Reminisce Over This

De La Soul, Stakes Is High, 1996

United Bamboo’s 2013 Cat Calendar

Now available through Kickstarter

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