Re-Up: Souther Salazar’s Hot Air Balloons

Re-Up is where where take old features from our archive and make them new again.
Souther Salazar makes the coolest pieces of art.

Studio Visit with Evol

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks like inside the studio of this Berlin-based street artist, look no further than here

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How Skateboards Are Made

via, WeBringJustice

Sister Stonehenge

After over 4000 years of obscurity, Scientists using the “subsurface archaeological detection system known as magnetometry”, have discovered a sister site to Stonehenge just 900 meters to its Northwest.  Though still underground, the temples are “thought to have consisted of 24 wooden obelisks, each around 75cm in diameter and therefore potentially up to 8m high. The circle of obelisks was enclosed by an inner ditch and probable outer bank.”

More at The Independent

Morning Dose of Awesome

Kate Moss Thursdays

Touchin’ on her boobie

Picture of the Day

Philippe Gronon

Baby Jessica x Gauntlet Hair


Wipe that Fart Smell away with Subtle Butt

One would hope that a foul smell would never come out of a booty like that. Subtle Butt is a Disposable Gas Neutralizer.

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Israeli Army Girls: Serial No. 3817131

A beautiful photo series from Rachel Papo:
“At an age when social, sexual, and educational explorations are at their highest point, the life of an eighteen-year-old Israeli girl is interrupted. She is plucked from her home surroundings and placed in a rigorous institution where her individuality is temporarily forced aside in the name of nationalism. During the next two years, immersed in a regimented and masculine environment, she will be transformed from a girl to a woman, within the framework of an army that is engaged in daily war and conflict.
Almost fifteen years after my mandatory military duty ended, I went back to several Israeli army bases, using the medium of photography as a vehicle to re-enter this world.”

via, wickedwink

Vice Photo Show

A selection of photographs by Jerry Hsu

Thursday Night.

Reminisce Over This

Nine, Whutcha Want, 1995

Big ups Eine

British Prime Minister David Cameron presents Barack Obama with graffiti art.

Random side note: I was supposed to buy this piece from Ad Hoc back in 2008 but, couldn’t put the money together for it.  You’re welcome Barry O.

Flipboard for iPad

Flipboard is a “social magazine” that feeds off of your facebook, and twitter, consistently updating content with what your peers like and link to.  If you’re not too much into social networking or have really lame friends, no worries, the app also let’s you pick from  Flipboard’s own selection of deemed important resources.

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Titanium Clipper Chrono from Hermès

Now that’s a slick watch.

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Cake Magic

Lunchtime Laughter

Great to Collaborate

Aiyana Udesen, Matt Furie, and Albert Reyes just opened Future Colors of America at Fecal Face Dot Gallery. Their collaborative pieces are pretty awesome. See more here

When was the last time you looked at Head Racquets logo?


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