Pancakes, Butter & Syrup Quilt with Bacon Rug

Created by British quilter Ros Cross in 1973.

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Films To See At The Tribeca Film Festival

The Fourth Dimension

Three vignettes directed by Jan Kwiecinski, Aleksey Fedorchenko and Harmony Korine. One stars Val Kilmer.

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There Are People Who Thought The Titanic Was Fiction


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Morning Dose of Big Wheels

BYOBW 2012 – The GoPro headcam edition


Caine’s Arcade

An all-cardboard arcade… this kid’s got to get up with Tom Sachs. Beautiful story about the power of imagination out of East L.A..


Picture of the Day

Guy Bourdin

Making Every Nike Dollar Count

Casey Neistat went around the world in 10 days spending an undisclosed sum that Nike gave him to make a movie. In the end, he made an adverfilm for Nike with some nice quotes and great scenery… money creatively well spent.

This Guy.

Cobra Cobra.

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Evol – Blockprint 2

Available through Jonathan LeVine Gallery in alignment with Evol’s new show Repeat Offender.

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Creation LULZ

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Reminisce Over This

Brand Nubian, Don’t Let It Go To Your Head, 1998

Guaranteed Action


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