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Crayola’s Multi-Cultural Crayons

JR’s Women Are Heroes to debut in Cannes

From la Semaine de la Critique:

“In his film Women Are Heroes, photographer JR takes his audience into some exceptional women’s lives. Because there are, most of the time, the first victims in war-time and left to their own during peace-time, JR pays tribute to those women who, in spite of the hurdles, keep smiling, keep fighting and keep hoping a better life. From Rio’s shantytowns to Kenyan slums, passing by Indian and Cambodian streets, he offers a fresh look at their struggles and expectations. Displaying their portraits via huge montages on their neighborhood’s walls, JR sublimates those extraordinary destinies and sheds the lights on those strong and moving  personalities, too rarely recognized enough. Women Are Heroes invites you to travel and discover those women, who, day by day and each one with a particular way, struggle to make this world better. Before all, this film is a message of hope and a real travel through JR’s art.”

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Where New Yorker’s Got Drunk During Prohibition

NY Mag has put together a fantastic pdf map noting popular speak easy type joints.

Click here

Reminisce Over This

The Firm, Phone Tap, 1997

The Birth of Big Air

From Tribeca Film:

In 1985, at the tender age of 13, Mat Hoffman entered into the BMX circuit as an amateur. By 16, he had soared to the top of the sport. Throughout his prodigious career, Hoffman has ignored conventional limitations, instead focusing his efforts on the purity of the sport and the pursuit of “what’s next.” Academy Award® nominee Spike Jonze and extreme sport fanatic Johnny Knoxville, along with director Jeff Tremaine, showcase the inner workings and exploits of the man who gave birth to “Big Air.”

How to Fry a Snickers Bar


Lunchtime Laughter

Too $hort is in this.

Shepard Fairey’s May Day Print Set

While most won’t be able to access the fine art for sale in his upcoming show May Day at Deitch Projects, Shepard Fairey has always been a man of the people.  Available the night of the opening will be a limited release of the prints above (Haring, Basquiat, Strummer, Ali, Debbie Harry, and Iggy Pop) and to quote Shepard himself “Don’t worry the prices will be reasonable.”

Download This: GURU Tribute Mix by DJ Premier

This is a recording from DJ Premier’s Friday night show Live From HeadQCourterz on Sirius.  While there is a lot of talk involved, the tracks make up for it.

Get the mix here or listen to it on mixcloud here

Adriana Lima can’t face Monday either

Picture of The Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Zoe Strauss

This Week…

We found a bunch of Hot Chicks at an Art Opening

Ruedi’s Alpa Camera looked aweseome

We got excited about Faile and Bäst’s Deluxx Fluxx coming to NYC next week

GURU Rest In Peace


Marloes Horst opened up beautifully

Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona is a living legend

Sound Advice 49: the BLAAAHg

We are pleased to present our 49th installment of Sound Advice featuring the BLAAAHg.  The BLAAAHg is a plethora of information organized for the chaotically like minded individual that prefers the finer things in web surfing. Run by a couple of broski’s who grew up around skateboard culture and grew INTO the art/design culture, we cater to people like us. People who don’t take life too seriously, but all the same have a very specific appreciation that extends into aesthetics from classic art history, to just straight up cool shit.

Sound Advice 49 – the BLAAAHg

Love Like a Sunset  –  Phoenix
C-Thru  –  Lemonade & Glasser
Lay Down In The Tall Grass  –  Timber Timbre
Hey Tonight  –  Credence Clearwater Revival
Go Outside  –  Cults
Gay Human Bones  –  Harlem
Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)  –  Small Black
I Was Thinking…  –  Gauntlet Hair
Psychic Chasm (BRAHMS)  –  Neon Indian
Pussy  –  Brazilian Girls
Shroud The Stars  –  Mos Dub
Politics As Usual  –  Jay-Z
Lose My Mind  –  Young Jeezy ft. Plies
In Your Eyes  –  Peter Gabriel

Download Sound Advice 49 now!

Congrats to Fecal Face on 10 years of Solid Work

“Fecal Face offically turns 10 years old on Saturday. The real celebrations are being worked out for the fall, but in the meantime, stop through Fecal Face on Saturday 3-6pm for a hotdog and a glass or two of champagne to celebrate. It’s also the last day of Derek Albeck & Marco Zamora’s show The Fool. The champagne will be cold and the hotdogs will be BBQd. Ketchup and mustard also provided. B.Y.O.N. (bring your own napkins). 66 Gough St @Market. Saturday 3-6pm”

Reminisce Over This

Nas, Halftime, 1992

Opening This Weekend

There is a ton of arting going on this weekend.  Here are some of our picks, starting with Shawn Barber’s Tattooed Portraits which opens at Joshua Liner Gallery this Saturday.

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Recycled Suit tote Bag

Not too shabby.

Each one is different which is why the description reads “Only 1 in the world.”

100% recycled, used clothing. Eco Party Mearry. 19.7″ x 16.9″(50 cm x 43 cm)

Buy it here

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Andre with Cheeseburger

A nice piece by Akira Beard, who is currently showing at White Walls in San Francisco

Lunchtime Laughter

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