’80s Twiiiiins

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The Doll House

It took artist Heather Benning close to 18 months to convert an abandoned home in Sinclair, Manitoba into The Dollhouse, a life-size work of art.

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Choreography for Plastic Army Men

Creativity wins again.

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Now You Can Rent A Panamera At Hertz

Well, you can if you’re in select markets in California, Florida and Nevada. The rental car chain is the first in the US to start buying Porsches, and we applaud them.

Peep the Prestige Collection for availability

Anna Christine Speckhart is…

Wednesday’s Muse

photo by Dan Martensen

{note: boobs}

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Picture of the Day

The Internet’s first picture.

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Parting Thoughts from Ray Bradbury

By The Department of Scenarios

WYWS Week: Pat The Party Jerk

Over the next week we’ll be pulling some interesting pages from The Worst of While You Were Sleeping in an effort to encourage you to go out and buy the book.


By Trevor Michaels

I heard this story the other day at a concert, and I feel that all of you would benefit from its message. And besides, it’s about a great subject: college women. In college, two things are clear. College guys are horny assholes just looking for tail, and college women are horny bitches just looking for dick. Anyway, the story goes like this.

A freshman girl sits in her room one night soon after arriving on campus. A frat guy knocks on her door. “Hey babe. Do you, uh, maybe want to go to a party with me?” At this crucial moment, the chick thinks, “I am at college. My parents aren’t here to tell me what to do. I am free and independent now. I am going to the party.”

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Shuggy Duggy

The Hobbit San Diego Comic-Con Poster.

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Reminisce Over This

Lord Finesse ft. Sadat X, Large Professor, and Grand Puba, Actual Facts, 1996

Treasures In The Attic

In a dust covered box under a wooden dollhouse, in the attic of his deceased grandfather, Karl Kissner found a trove of baseball cards featuring the likes of Cy Young, Honus Wagner, and Ty Cobb, that will sell for millions. 


The Humpy Awards

A dog humping competition “judged on speed, style, stamina, mount and dismount.”

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