Reminisce Over This

Jemini the Gifted One, Funk Soul Sensation, 1995


In a perfect world

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Eine Tote bags

Ben Eine has collaborated on a series of ladies totebags with Anya Hindmarch.

available at colette

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Sandwich Friend

Deliciousness available at the Greenpoint Food Market.

Read a nice interview with the creator, Aja Marsh, here

Lunchtime Laughter

Volcanoes are so Hot Right Now

Images from Eyjafjallajokull

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Sittin’ pretty

The Katakana Occasional Chair designed by Dare Studio

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Morning Dose of Awesome

Picture of the Day & the Weekly Round-Up

Dave Schubert

This Week…

We were amazed by this illusion

This old dude in Australia has got to have rabies

We visited the Mercedes-Benz Design Studio in Germany

Revok showed us The World’s Best Graffiti (pt. 2)


Clio Suicide looked big in all the right ways

Did Somebody say Freaknik?

After years of dormancy, the party is apparently back on in Atlanta this weekend.

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Jack Herer, Rest In Peace

The Legendary Pot activist who has an incredible strain of weed named after him, passed away at the age of 70 this past Thursday.

Jack Herer, June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010

Sound Advice 48: Mr. Kiji

We are pleased to present our 48th installment of Sound Advice featuring Mr. Kiji.  Mr. Kiji is a super-talented NY-Based illustrator and artist.

Sound Advice 48 – Mr. Kiji

Opening Scene –  War Games OST
Cat People (putting out fire)  –  David Bowie
Your Life (Do What You Want) (Dub Version)  –  Konk
Starlight Demo  –  Michael Jackson
Can’t Shake This Feeling  –  Grum
So Blowed  –  Jhi-Ali
Lately  –  Airborn Audio
Something To Do With My Hands (Arab Strap Remix)  –  Her Space Holiday
Real Life  –  Tanlines
Loosewires ft. Coolkids  –  Kenna
The Beautiful Ones  –  Prince and The Revolution
Doot-Doot (12′ mix)  –  Freur
88 Lines About 44 Women  –  Nails
I’m Falling  –  Comsat Angels
Promises, Promises  –  Felix Da Housecat
On Melancholy Hill  –  Gorillaz
Lindsay Brohan  –  Javelin
CUAA  –  Philippians
200 Gigapascals  –  Boreal Network
Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night  –  Raymond Scott
’98 at it’s finest  –  Jel
Leopard Tree Dream
End Games  –  War Games OST

Download Sound Advice 48 Now!

Joshua Petker at Corey Helford

Between Butterflies opens this Saturday (4/17) in Los Angeles

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Reminisce Over This

Lil’ Vicious, The Glock, 1994

hanna liden at Half Gallery

Hanna Liden,Untitled (white pentagram), 2010.
Neon tubing. 10 inches in diameter, edition of 3 + 2 APs

As Black As Your Hat opens tonight (4/16)

Bud Bundy a.k.a David Faustino a.k.a D’ Lil

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The Flop Box T-shirt from Pez

Puffy Paint and all.  Available here
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Gif Magic

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Cookin’ for Scratch: Tacos

I’d like to introduce Gerry Mak to the audience.  On top of waxin’ recipes and cooking, he plays in the band Bloody Panda.

Nothing says “I’m a true player” like cooking for yourself.  All those huddled masses only wish they could prepare their own food, but only an elite few get that privilege.  One of the most exotic of cuisines is Mexican, and to be able to cook some tasty-ass Mexican food in your own damn kitchen is like being rich and irresponsible, very much as if you were a pimp, a type of person who is rich and irresponsible. Here’s the recipe, if you can handle it and are wealthy enough to purchase such items as a chuck roast, which is usually around $3.50 per pound, very much like gold:

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