Lunchtime Laughter

Old Gold.

The New Deal

I used to love these ads. Color repetition combined with the art and humor of Andy Howell and Ed Templeton.

Images sourced from The Chrome Ball Incident

Nice Work Victor!

Our friend Victor Reyes just had this great piece written about him in the SF Chronicle. Dude paints magic.

Read it all here

Morning Dose of Awesome

Friday’s Vault

Create Your Own 17th Century Still life with the help of John Baldessari

I made a lobster-mouthed sailor.

Have fun here

Erotic Falconry

This website is next level

Simple Mathematics


Reminisce Over This

Raekwon ft. Ghostface, Criminology, 1995

Oil Volcanoes!

Awesome! More fun!

A 3 Person Infrared Sauna

For $2300.00, this doesn’t seem that bad.

No Pity in the City

This is nice tee from our friend KC Ortiz for Upper Playground.

Order it now, to wear it soon

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Lunchtime Laughter

More Drunk History

Barry McGee and Clare Rojas at the Bolinas Museum

Barry McGee & Clare Rojas
Leave It Alone & Together At Last
June 19 – August 1, 2010 / Curated by Terry Donohue
Bolinas Museum

This show makes me want to visit California
Photos by Fresh888

The Yarmulkap is where it’s at


Morning Dose of Awesome

I don’t care if this crab did just shed its exoskeleton in one, seamless motion. I still want to eat it.

Picture of the Day

Diane Arbus

The Original Pac-Man Designs

How cool is this?

Toru Iwatani, the designer behind Pac-Man, still carries around the original drawings for the video game.

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Modern Toss: Periodic Table of Swearing

Dang, even though this print is in another slanguage it is still hilarious.  Modern Toss have a show right now, The Modern Toss London Museum of Urban Shit-Naks Exhibition, open at Maverik Showroom, 68-72 Redchurch St. London E2. More info on that here

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