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Mark Gonzales in Non Fiction

Picture of the Day

Lewy on the Brooklyn Bridge

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A new print by Steve Powers

Lunchtime Laughter

Louis CK Can’t Smoke Pot Anymore

Flying Fortress’s Bode Series

Some classic riffs from his show at Mighty Tanaka.

50 Years of The Rolling Stones

In the world of Rock N’ Roll, Shepard Fairey is the go-to guy for a design update. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, The Rolling Stones had the artist refresh their classic Tongue and Lips logo, which was originally designed by John Pasche in 1971.

The Many Talents of Kate Upton

Because really, why not?

Directed by Terry Richardson

Apparently, This Guy Likes To Hire Hitmen

In Detroit, Bob Bashara has been charged with hiring a hitman to kill the hitman that he allegedly had kill his wife.

Morning Dose of Russian Attractions

A new video from Sébastien Tellier

Kate Moss Thursdays

Photographed by Robert Scott in London, 1990

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Picture of the Day

Brea Souders

We’ll back on Thursday

Barry & Margaret

The art21 featurette that’ll make the hardest person turn soft.

We’ve shown before, and will show it again. (and probably show it a bunch more times in the future.)

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