Vietnam-Era Zippos

This collection was compiled by American artist Bradford Edwards on-site in Vietnam over several years in the 90s. It recently sold at auction for $35,250.00.

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In Search of a Taparazzo

To celebrate the launch of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey in the UK, the celebrated American whiskey brand is in search of their first ‘taparazzo.’ Now you’re probably wondering what a ‘taparazzo’ is? Well, it’s essentially a smartphone party photographer. A position that when filled, will be coveted. You’ll be traveling up and down the UK from August until October, attending events ranging from intimate to expansive.  At the parties, you’ll be mingling with other attendees while ‘tapping’ into your creative picture taking skills to capture the vibe and personalities of the event. And Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey (in good business form) will pay you £100 for each event!

Sound good?

If you think that you’re up to it, go to the Facebook Taparazzo Tab for full details and terms and conditions.

You’ll need to apply by sending in details of previous/relevant work experience, up to 800 words on why you’ll be right for the job, a recent photo and images you’ve taken with your smartphone camera app, before the 14thAugust to

Jack Daniel’s encourages responsible drinking.

The Door

David Shrigley does great animated films too.

Morning Dose of Team Spirit

Sports funerals.

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Friday’s Vault


Picture of the Day

Terry Richardson

The Smartest Cat in The Mansion

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Since It Has Probably Never Crossed Your Mind

This is How Sperm Whales Sleep

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Signs, Fines, & Cheap Wines

Max Rippon aka Ripo has a new show opening up tonight in SF at White Walls Gallery. Colin M. Day sent over some pics from his studio in anticipation of it.

Lionel Richie LULZ

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Reminisce Over This

Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Brooklyn Zoo, 1995

The Burner App

Now you can mask your cell phone number.

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