Hippie Camo

Fair Ends Ball Cap

Lucien Smith – Cats and Dogs

A new print on canvas that is very easy on the eyes.

Available through Exhibition A

Airplane Friendly?

The OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Lunchtime Laughter

Gilbert Gottfried – Dirty Jokes (starts about 1:37)

Fall Preview 2012

Our take on the best in art, movies, books, and music for the last Fall before that apocalypse thing.

“You only live once!”

How Skateboarders Spend Their Money

Illustration by Michael Giurato

Earl is Today’s Victim

Nothing like some good ol’ accident fraud caught on a dashboard camera.

via, autoblog


How much an artist gets paid per stream on Spotify.

Katarina Ivanovska is…

Wednesday’s Muse

{note: boobs}

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Picture of the Day

Robert Mapplethorpe

The Dude

Directed by Jeff Feuerzeig


Ok. There’s also a frame protectant, a foam wash, and a degreaser.

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