Quoted: Richard Phillips

This Monday, June 11th, artist Richard Phillips will premiere his short film, ‘First Point’, featuring Lindsay Lohan, at Art Unlimited at Art Basel in Switzerland. We caught a couple moments of his time to get some insight on his third film.

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“Yes, everybody poops. Even your favorite athlete.”

Yeah… thought you’d want to read about Athletes having to go to the bathroom during key sports moments.

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Spraycation: Hong Kong

Pose, Vizie, and Steel on the LRG Artist Driven Asia Tour.

Morning Dose of the Greatest Euro Cup Moments

In Lego stop-motion.

Friday’s Vault

Pepe Martinez

Picture of the Day

Santiago Mostyn

Our Sacred Earth

“An around-the-world time lapse journey”

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Turn Your Phone into a Photocopier

Scanbox makes it simple to use your iPhone as a portable scanner.

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Old 80’s Baseball Dudes

A trip down the baseline with Thom Lessner

RISK & Nathan Ota – Crucifix

A new print available through 1XRun

Reminisce Over This

Casual, I Didn’t Mean To, 1994

Big Night in The Hole

André Saraiva opens Andréopolis in one of the galleries, while the rest is consumed in Portrait of a Generation, a show where over 100 super legit artists make portraits of each other.

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