Break From The Herd

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Politically Persistent

It’s as if—for the span of his career—Shepard Fairey has been creating an artistic arsenal in preparation for a president like Trump.

Friday’s Vault

Foundation Skateboards: Barbarians at the Gate, 1994

So Glassy

How Crystal Meth Almost Sank the Sport of Big-Wave Surfing.

Mate Deprivation

When a monkey gets caught doing a deer due to horniness.

Make America Gorge Again

Taco Bell with the Fried Chicken Shell.

Street Art Rarities

Paddle 8’s current ‘Street Art’ auction has a few gems.

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Praying for Y2K


Golden Showers for the Golden Boy

What a crazy world we live in today.

Bye Bye Budda

Jeff Sessions’ Coming War on Legal Marijuana.

“What we got from Baldessari is a Baldessari”

BMW art car #19

Modern Narchitecture

Pablo Escobar’s son is now an architect who knows how to build a panic room.

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