Keep It Kool: The Kool Keith Story

Directed by Marcus “Marchitect” Watkins

D.I.Y. Logging


Introducing Logosol M8, the Swedish portable sawmill.

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A “wondrous weed” to wear around


Patagonia Men’s Migration Hemp Hoody

I Ate This For You…


In defiance of my fiancee’s requests to do otherwise, I will embrace my inner glutton in the supermarket aisle, one product at a time. An ongoing series until I get shut down.

Barilla Bacon & Cheese Pasta Sauce ($2.99)

It’s definitely bacon flavored, and a bit overwhelming. But you know what? I got to eat cheese-filled pasta last night and watch people complain about CC Sabathia being old. The simple pleasures and perks of having a lady who travels a lot for business.

Lunchtime Laughter

The Wolf of That Site We Try Not To Mention

Pizza In the Wild

A necessary series by Jonpaul Douglass



The Dead Zoo Gang by Charles Homans

“Over the last several years, millions of dollars worth of antique rhino horns have been stolen form collections around the world. The only thing more unusual than the crimes is the theory about who is responsible: A handful of families from rural Ireland known as the Rathkeale Rovers.”

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Ray Barbee

Skater, musician, photographer, and father.



French artist Abraham Poincheval will spend the next 13 days living inside a hollowed-out bear as part of his artistic performance “Dans La Peau de l’Ours – Inside the Skin of the Bear.”

“The performance piece will see him eat, drink, sleep and relieve himself within a man-made chamber, housed within the sterilised carcass of a bear, while being filmed by two cameras.”

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Morning Dose of the 8-bit Hobbit

Daniela Lopez Osorio is…


Wednesday’s Muse

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Picture of the Day


John Oliver Hodges

Babes of Yore: Alexandra Hay

Alexandra Hay was an actress in the 1960s and 1970s.

{note: boobs}

The Birth of the Lightsaber

George Lucas, Mark Hamill, and sound designer Ben Burtt talk through the concept, creation, and evolution of a childhood dream weapon, the lightsaber.

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A Farm Dies Once a Year


Great friend and contributor to this site, Arlo Crawford’s first novel is out today through Henry Holt and Co.. A Farm Dies Once a Year is a memoir that takes Arlo back to the organic farm in Pennsylvania that he grew up on to work through a season of building and reflection, and to revisit the murder of a neighbor and close family friend. From the moment he straps on his Red Wings and returns to the soil, Arlo tends to the details of the story with the same tenacity that his father dedicates to his tomatoes. A book that will briefly make you reconsider a life behind a desk, A Farm Dies Once a Year is a hardcover (with a map!) to be bought, read, and shared by you.

Family Circus: The Series

The Wagon


A brand new print by Brian Chippendale



The story behind the default wallpaper of Microsoft Windows. It’s an actual photo!

Peter Rosenberg: A DJ Who Actually Plays Records

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