Chaos to Containment

The Grating Bucket by Eva Solo.

As If You Needed Any More Ominous Things to Talk About

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists updates the Doomsday Clock today. It was last positioned in 2015 at 3 minutes to midnight, with the idea being that the closer the minute hand is to 12, the closer the world is to disaster.

Update: We’re at “Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight”

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“Now Raise Your Shrunken Hand and Repeat After Me”


Great new paintings by Brian Willmont at Guerrero Gallery in SF.
On view through February 4th.

Sleeping With Your Jesus Sandals

Birkenstock gets into the bed game.

America For Sale

As if this sacred earth needs any more stress, those rulers of ours are now planning to transfer the financial burden of 640 million acres of federal land back to the states, almost ensuring their sale to the highest bidder. NATURAL RESOURCES, BABY!


Meatscape by Nicolas Lampert

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“I don’t know what’s worse: getting blown up in nuclear war or having a 7-11 on every corner.”

‘Party In The Back’ is Tino Razo’s new photo book documenting his time spent in Los Angeles continuously skating in search of the next empty pool.

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Me First

My Life Tee by FPAR.

Back to DAPL

With a few strokes of his tiny pen, budding Eco-Terrorist Donald Trump has put the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines back into play.

Survivalism of the Rich

Prepping to excel after the apocalypse.

Jonwayne – “Out Of Sight” (Stream)

You can pre-order Jonwayne’s upcoming “Rap Album Number Two” (2/17) here.



A Pyratt’s Life

It wasn’t always a life at sea for the swashbuckling set.

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