An Online Drowning Simulator That Also Lets You Simulate Being French


Take a couple minutes out of your day and try not to die.

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The Persian Version

A skate journey from Iran to Turkey by Patrik Wallner

About a Recently Purchased Item on Etsy


It’s not that I needed these original Nike Aqua Socks, it’s that they were in a size 12 and I felt like it was destiny to buy them. I don’t even know how a memory of my first pair triggered a google search, but it did, and now I have a hot pink version of some old foot technology being shipped across the continental US to Brooklyn. I probably won’t even wear these, since I remember how the top of the sock used to pinch my foot nonstop. And they’re hot pink. But I’ll try them on once, just to remember a warm day in the late 1980s at my grandparents’ pool in Marco Island, Florida. I guess I bought them for that memory, and the fact that I didn’t want anyone else who wears a size 12 to have them.

Be Original


Mike Kelley’s Three Point Program, the t-shirt

Another Very Strong Argument for Keeping a Mini Deep Fryer in the Kitchen


Lobster Tater Tots

Lunchtime Laughter

The Mystery of the Female Thigh Gap

Grime Time

Select photos from 1980s New York by Steven Siegel



Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer by Roy Klabin

Working in America’s everyday black-market economy

Oh, The Asteroids

Tracking the nuclear-level asteroid impacts in our atmosphere over the past 13 years

Running From Rap


A middle-aged prisoner in England recently broke out of jail to escape the round-the-clock rap music that was being blasted by the younger inmates on his wing. After hearing the reason for escape at the re-sentencing, the judge delivered the cold reality to the hip-hop hater: “I’m afraid that’s one of the prices people pay if they commit crimes and go to prison.”

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Morning Dose of Ballerinas on Walls

Anthony Lister in Miami.

Film by Colin M. Day

Giedre Dukauskaite is…


Wednesday’s Muse

{note: boobs}

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Picture of the Day


Ken Pate

Babes of Yore: Sydne Rome

Sydne Rome is an American actress who gained success in and eventually moved to Italy. She was an icon of the 80s aerobics craze and hung out with David Bowie a bunch.

This Guy

So Many Different Unidentified Flying Objects


A Spotters’ guide to UFOs, 1967

The Great Sandstorm, the First Professional Sumo Wrestler from the Middle East

Becoming Sumo is a profile of Ōsunaarashi (大砂嵐金太郎).

Directed and Produced by Salazar

Where To Disappear


47 percent of the USA is uninhabited

Signs of Summer


A motivational print by Tim Lahan

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