Roger Gastman on European Cheese


Really? The EUROPEANS have time to worry about the American use of their cheese names? Yes, that is a question and it is a hot button issue going on right now! No more Parmesan, no more Feta! We Americans and American cheese makers are hurting the European cheese market and costing them billions by stealing “their” names. I say screw them, they can keep their names, they can even keep Feta cheese forever, I never much cared for it anyway. Do the people at KRAFT really use the same recipe for their delicious shake cheese? I doubt it. Here are a few suggestions for Parmesan that are not really thought through yet, but you can use them as a starting point if America does gets banned from European cheese names.




In the end – screw it, we have AMERICAN CHEESE.

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Roger Gastman Goes To The Movies

I was going to write a review about the Wes Anderson movie I saw the other night. But after I watched Savage Streets and I cant even remember what it was called. Savage Streets has it all – deaf chicks getting gang raped by a punk drug dealing gang, a high school girls shower scene that goes on FOR EVER – like 100 extras NAKED, cross bows, cheerleaders, cool shots of Hollywood in the early 80s and like a zillion other awesome things I don’t want to mention and ruin for you. Go to your NETFLIX and get this now. SHIT IS HOTTT!


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