Introducing the First-Ever Lincoln MKC


Continuing Lincoln Motor Company‘s evolution as a leader in the American luxury auto market, this summer sees the introduction of the first-ever MKC; a five-passenger, utility-minded crossover marked by a sculpted design and an athletic stance. As the latest—and most modest in size—Lincoln SUV to hit the streets, the all-new 2015 MKC aims to capture the attention of an ever-growing population of city dwellers who are keen to escape the urban landscape whenever possible. To do so, the MKC comes equipped with a range of impressive features—some flashy, some subdued and all worth noting.

While the MKC’s sleek exterior is enough to capture one’s attention, an exceptionally serene interior is sure to keep it. Designed especially with the driver’s comfort in mind, active noise control paired with padded wheel wells (which reduce road rumble while amplifying engine notes) creates a heightened overall cabin environment. The innovative engineering actually uses microphones to monitor the sound profile within the car, which is then replicated and inverted by a signal processor to cancel out the initial noise-waves, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere that makes the MKC’s cabin one of the quietest in its class. And, of course, an enhanced THX II Certified Audio System is there for when drivers want anything but silence.
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Captivated By Her


How can human emotions inspire new interactions with technology and each other? This question was the basis for two design workshops hosted by Motherboard—in association with Microsoft and Warner Bros.—for a select student community of international artists, designers, and innovators in Los Angeles and New York City. Inspired by Spike Jonze’s technological love story Her, Captivated By Her, is a two-part documentary told from the viewpoint of students and professors who attended these workshops. Faced with the challenge of finding ways to make technology more human, these students explore new forms of expression and interaction through artificial intelligence.

Watch the documentary above to see how these discoveries play out.
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On March 28th, UNIQLO will celebrate the grand opening of #SPRZNY on the 2nd floor of its 5th Avenue location. In addition to its stylish, affordable and high-quality basics, the 2nd floor of the store will be dedicated to a “fashion meets art” concept, which will carry uniquely designed tees, outwear and other surprises. While you wait for the unveiling of #SPRZNY, you can sign up for UNIQLO’s Lucky Line, an online platform that allows you to win prizes by simply “standing” in a virtual queue. The prizes include a $200 shopping spree from UNIQLO, a Starbucks Verismo Beverage Machine, among many others. To sign up, go to UNIQLO’s website and join using your Facebook or Twitter account. Then, pick an avatar and its UNIQLO wardrobe (a kangaroo in a scarf, for example), and get in line. We’re already in line, and can’t wait to see the store and surprise on March 28!

Absolut Collaboration: Rafael Grampá’s Dark Noir


On Friday, March 14th, premium vodka brand Absolut hosted a private screening of Dark Noir, the first 3-D animated film by Brazilian graphic novelist Rafael Grampá. The film was the culmination of #NextFrame, a collaborative project between the brand, the artist and online users from around the world.

Grampá’s goal was to inspire creativity in others through his own characters and writing, and by using social media, Absolut invited its nearly 5-million Facebook fans to participate in the project. The brand asked fans to submit suggestions at key points in the film’s script, and over the course of 3 weeks, Grampá reviewed thousands of submissions from more than 20 countries. The best suggestion was sketched by Grampá and made a part of his animated film.
“Through #NextFrame… I’m making the transition from cartoonist to director,” Grampá says. “A translation of my art from 2D to 3D. I already explore my style through image, sequence and space. Now I’m experiencing telling my stories with image, movement, time and sound.” Working alongside animation studio Red Knuckles, the film—a detective story set around a search for stolen ideas—was brought to life.

Dark Noir premiered during a private screening in Berlin at MADE, a creative space by Absolut, to an audience of international journalists. The next night, there was a public screening hosted by Grampá with more than 300 guests in attendance.

Who Gets What? A Hypothetical Situation Involving Rappers at Ben Eine’s Art Show

Not sure why I am considered one of the preeminent scholars for hypothetical rapper scenarios, but I seem to get paid a decent amount of money to write about what I think rappers would and wouldn’t do within certain hypothetical situations.

So when I was asked to guess which rapper/singer would buy which of these amazing pieces of hand painted typography I found it was a lot harder than I thought. Since the artist didn’t do one that said “YOU DONT GOT THE ANSWERS SWAY” I had to actually use my own brain power to figure out this turnt up typographical conundrum in a timely manner.
Skip Class / @Skip_Class
Ben Eine’s “Heartfelt” is on view at Judith Charles Gallery in NYC through March 16th

Graphic Reality: Rafael Grampá’s Art Comes to Life in His Collaboration with Absolut


For #NEXTFRAME, Absolut Vodka collaborated with Brazilian graphic novelist Rafael Grampá on an innovative, interactive project that transformed select ideas from the brand’s online community and translated them into film. From 2D concept to 3D completion, Grampá worked closely with Absolut, and Red Knuckles—the UK animation studio that brought the Gorillaz to life back in 2005—to realize the project. Now complete, the film and an accompanying exhibition of drawn works from the graphic novel will be on view this month (March 2014) at the MADE space in the heart of Berlin. Here, we speak with the artist about his background and the process of turning dreams into reality.

With Absolut’s Next Frame project, you’ll essentially be co-writing a story with online users, then turning it into an animated film. How did this collaboration come about?

Absolut invited me to take part in the global campaign, and during our first conversations they already told me that they had the idea of doing collaborations with artists on special projects. Next Frame emerged after a lot of meetings, and during that whole time Absolut always stressed that this project would be completely my own, as author.

How has working with a large brand like Absolut helped push your work forward?

When you do a project of this scale with a lot of talented people involved from many different places, an artist can’t help growing in his craft.
Can you explain the process of your work? How do you come up with the ideas for your characters and their appearance?

That’s exactly what this short animation is about: where ideas come from. I think people are the instruments of their ideas, that we’re the servants of those ideas in this world. Just as the purpose of a spade is to dig holes, ours is to bring our ideas to life in this world. But a spade doesn’t dig a hole on its own; it needs a strong arm to use it.

This film asks the question: Are the ideas that we have really our own or are we merely instruments in the hands of unknown forces? The name of the film, DARK NOIR, makes reference to Plato’s Theory of Forms, which says that our reality is merely a dark shadow of an intangible reality made up of ideas. From that starting-point, I created Vincent Black, a mysterious guy who has the gift – or the curse – of seeing the beings that live in this other reality, the World of Ideas. These beings are the Daimons, who plant ideas in humans’ minds, using us to carry out their whims in the material world. And in the end, the film ends up being a metaphor about the creative process and each character represents an element of that process.

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Introducing Jennette


Photographed by Jonathan Leder for our semi-recurring Introductions column.

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The Empty Quarter


For “Driven Challenges,” a series that is one part Gumball Rally and one part Indiana Jones, Land Rover has been pushing its all-new Range Rover Sport to new limits.

The series began this year at the world-famous Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, at which the Sport set the world record for a production vehicle on that course, and has now set the record for the fastest ever crossing of the Empty Quarter by a production vehicle. To capture this epic, one-of-a-kind crossing, a documentary film team was embedded with the crew, and that feat is the focus of Land Rover’s latest documentary “The Empty Quarter,” above.


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“It almost doesn‘t matter where you go. It’s just important to go.”


Polina Soloveichik is a mural painter in the “cold paradise” of Berlin. In this video from Lufthansa’s #inspiredby series, Polina talks about how travel helps to refresh her creativity, and explains her process of painting walls, noting that it’s not always necessary to “Banksy the streets up” in order to create art in your surrounding environment.

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Sound + Rhythm


To celebrate the launch of the fragrance Burberry Brit Rhythm, Burberry and NOISEY have joined together to create Sound + Rhythm, a unique editorial space focusing on the experience of performance from the perspective of modern emerging British artists. Utilizing tumblr, Sound + Rhythm is a destination for artist profiles, energetic photography, new music, sharp writing, and a 6 episode short film series capturing the pulse of British music. In one episode below, British rippers Drenge talk about their preference for small venues, moments before they take to the stage to perform.

Head over to the Sound + Rhythm Tumblr to experience more

The Parting Glass



In Tullamore D.E.W.’s new short film, “The Parting Glass,” four friends meander through the rolling green hills of Ireland. Dressed in dapper suits with details—a flower on a front pocket, tattoos peeking out of a sleeve—the friends pour glasses of Tullamore D.E.W. Whiskey, reflect on life, and quote poet James Joyce. The friends stop at a graveyard and, surrounded by headstones, sing the 1770 ballad, “The Parting Glass.” They toast to Jerry, a friend who we assume has passed—but the end has a smart and surprising twist.

The film was produced by New York agency Opperman Weiss, as part of Tullamore D.E.W’s “Irish True” campaign, and AdAge wrote that the “short should be envy of other booze ads.” We agree: The film tells a simple and beautiful story, which captures the true spirit of Ireland—just like Tullamore D.E.W. Whiskey.

View “The Parting Glass” and other short films on Tullamore D.E.W’s YouTube channel, and friend them on Facebook for updates.


Anti-Flare: An Interview with Keith Underwood


In recent years, tattoos have rapidly grown in popularity, so much so that over 45million Americans now have at least one tattoo. Just as fashions come and go, the trends in tattooing walk a similar trajectory that has been seen through a recent resurgence in the popularity of traditional tattooing. Here on behalf of Sailor Jerry, we speak with traditional tattoo artist Keith Underwood about such things, and the path one follows as 3rd in line along the Sailor Jerry legacy.
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Introducing Kathleen Sorbara


Photographed by Jonathan Leder for our new Introductions column.

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Emrata Unseen

By now you’ve seen her everywhere, but in June of 2012, we only knew Emily Ratajkowski as Tasha from iCarly. Looking back, we can all thank the talented lenswork of photographer Jonathan Leder for introducing EMRATA and her generous assets to the world. Here for the first time, we share exclusive outtakes from Leder’s photo shoot for Darius Magazine in June 2012.

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Jonathan Leder is a New York based filmmaker and photographer known for his portraits of women, which capture the innate elegance of the female form. He has shot recent commercials for Adidas and Louis Vuitton, among other campaigns, and helmed the music video for Is Tropical’s “Lies.” He is the former publisher and Creative Director of Jacques Magazine.  Mr. Leder is currently working on his first feature-length directorial debut, American Ecstasy.

Openings & Parties: 2013 Whitney Gala & Studio Party

Last night, the Whitney Museum of American Art hosted its annual Gala and Studio Party with this year’s honoree, Ed Ruscha. Featuring a surprise performance by David Byrne, nude models on top of piles of Louis Vuitton luggage, and an endless flow of Chandon, it was the place to be in the city that never sleeps.

Photos by Kristy Leibowitz

Amy Hood

New polaroids by Jonathan Leder

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Ignorance Was Bliss


News from outside the comfort zone

Bubonic Plague is still doing it’s thing

Where have the prisoners gone?  North Korea accused of a Srebrenica-Esque Massacre

How Prisons Change the Balance of Power in America

Who’s behind Burma’s Anti-Muslim violence?

Crackdown in Dagestan

Wall Street stories keep coming and corrupting

Tibetans under fire

You Can Still See Their Blood – Crimes from the opposition in Syria

Migrants continue to die trying to cross the Mediterranean into Europe

Hundreds of thousands of Haitian’s are now stateless in Dominican Republic

Iraq continues to burn  AND Al Qaeda’s roaring back


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

Game Changers




We recently introduced you to The SIMPLE Mobile Game Changer Series that follows host Levi Maestro as he travels the country in search of talented people who want to up their game. This got us thinking about our own game and what we’ve achieved in recent times to push The World’s Best Ever to the next level.

You may remember that we curated an exhibition of Nudes this past March to celebrate Guerrero Gallery’s 3rd Anniversary. This was the first art show that we had the pleasure of producing, and it felt like a natural progression from the art content we have displayed over the years. Nudes gave us an opportunity to showcase and thank some of our favorite artists, whilst focusing on one of our favorite topics, nudity.

Nudes was a great success—despite the inevitable last minute hiccups such as missing pieces due to a blizzard in New York—and the experience of curating an art show was definitely a game changer. It was something that challenged and inspired us to take The World’s Best Ever into a new arena, paving the way for future artistic collaborations that we’re excited to bring you in the coming months.

If you’re looking for inspiration and to change your game, head over to and check out some of the video submissions. And simply by entering your own 30-second video, you could win a new smartphone or tablet each week all thanks to SIMPLE Mobile.

Change Your Game

TI pixel

Breaking the rules is what made more than 3 million people switch to SIMPLE Mobile, a brand that offers affordable cell phone service and nationwide 4G with no contract. To showcase people who break the rules, SIMPLE Mobile has created an interactive site and series.

The SIMPLE Mobile Game Changer Series follows host Levi Maestro, as he travels the country in search of talented people who want to up their game. Then SIMPLE Mobile gives them a hand in taking their game to the next level.

In the first game-changing experience, “L.A. Street Art,” Levi heads to Los Angeles, where he searches for an artist on the verge. He meets up with artists 2TONE and SPANTO, and together they select PUSH.

SIMPLE Mobile then helps PUSH create a three-dimensional installation piece, which stretches his skills and ideas, at Known Gallery. “It’s awesome,” says one attendee at the opening, “I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

In the second game-changing experience, “L.A. Skate,” Levi hits the streets on a mission to find a local skateboarder who needs a little support to realize their dreams. Levi meets up with pro skater Theotis Beasley, and together they select Blake Johnson as the “one,” and hook him up with a game-changing experience and feature in The Skateboard Mag.

Now SIMPLE Mobile is offering to change your game with a new sweepstakes. Submit a 30-second video that tells your story and how SIMPLE Mobile can help, and you’ll be signed up for a chance to win a new tablet or smartphone each week.

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