Staycation at The Mondrian SOHO

A couple weeks ago I took part in a little staycation at the Mondrian Soho. Why? Because sometimes you just need a break from normality while still being able to go about your daily life. The room I had I can only phrase as a sky palace, as the ceiling did indeed match the sky, while everything else in the room was saturated with light and white. The hotel itself is a fantasy, with it’s designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz taking cues from Jean Cocteau’s La Belle et la Bête. Along with a top notch restaurant in Imperial No. 9, that is perfect for every meal and a seductive club, Mister H, that finds itself full of models and various forms of celebrities until the lighter parts of the night, the Mondrian SOHO is your complete vacation package.

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The Mondrian Los Angeles

Without a doubt, the Mondrian LA is the coolest hotel I’ve ever stayed in. The rooms are super comfortable, the beds are nap inducing, and the space is equipped with this crazy oversized double-sided mirror in the center that both reflects your person and houses the tv, rotating on a pole to face you wherever you are. A lot of things in this hotel are oversized actually, and for big person like me it’s welcome. Leaving the room, the in-house entertainment factor is on point too. Kenzo Digital happened to be in town at the same time, so we successfully hit up the SKYBAR downstairs, and unsuccessfully tried to get a match at the Hollywood offshoot of the SPiN ping-pong club. There are good times to be had in the Mondrian LA, and it is definitely the place to stay if you want some upscale comfort with that exclusive, Hollywood shine.

A totem to Mondrian

Patrick Tuttofuoco is an Italian artist.

The World’s Best Ever in Miami


20+ art world insiders tell us their favorite places to eat, drink & hangout in the 305.

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Linked Out


Every week Chris Black uses his superior internet reading abilities to provide you with a list of links to things you’re bound to find interesting

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A history of the hashtag

Mondrian’s Trafalgar Square in Excel

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Can Creative Writing Really Be Taught?

David Bowie Interviewed at Age 17

Japanese Manhole Covers

Internet Dating a la Russe

— Chris Black / @donetodeath

Bronze Bones in Miami

Photos from our dominos session at Mondrian South Beach during Art Basel by Ruediger Glatz for BHP.

More info on the Bronze Bones here

Introducing Bronze Bones

This past Friday in an intimate gathering on the Sunset Terrace at Mondrian South Beach over a year’s worth of hard work came to fruition. Collaborating with my talented friends The Principals, we introduced a set of dominoes, made by hand in Brooklyn, NY out of bronze. Over hours of drinks, we played until the sun set and the darkness finally pushed us out. A big thank you goes out to the Morgans Hotel Group who accommodated us on this special occasion. Look for something even more special from the both of us in the coming week but, for now, we hope you enjoy the Bronze Bones.

Visit the Bronze Bones site here


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Above SoHo

A view from the top of the Mondrian SoHo

Nendo ‘Visible Structures’

These are too cool.

“made from foam core that is reinforced with industrial strength carbon tape, the pieces feature graphic patterns that are influenced by the early abstract paintings of dutch artist piet mondrian and the de stijl movement.”

More at Designboom

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Love Is Like Life But Longer by Poppy de Villeneuve


Pretty Beautiful.

The short film premiered at the opening of the Mondrian SoHo hotel.

Picture of the Day & The Weekly Round-Up

Corey Arnold

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We’ll be back on Tuesday, but first:

This week…

We looked at the Wave Garden

Jim Phillips wheel graphics were rad

We visited the Mondrian LA

These Cigarette Fridge Magnets made a point


Kate Upton looked drop dead gorgeous

A Building Grows in Manhattan


A nice timelapse of the Mondrian Soho rising up over the rest.  The hotel opens for biz on Tuesday.

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6 Business Days Until Christmas

Now until Christmas Eve we’ll be posting one product a day to help make the holiday the most gifted one yet

Aerial7 Tank Mondrian Headphones by Josh Madden ($90)

Art Snacks at SF Moma

While out in SF this weekend I made a stop with my friend Morgan to the SF Moma. These were on the menu at their rooftop coffee bar.

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Feasting on Art


Awesomely inspired, Megan Fizzell adapts real life works of Art into edible delights on her blog Feasting on Art.  Peep the Mondrian Pound Cake above, tight.

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scottsdale it is


If you ever had a reason to go to Arizona, Scottsdale is your destination. More specifically The Mondrian, in Scottsdale. To be exact, the Aqua spa! There is just something perfect about all white. And its minimal design. For the menu and the pricing click here.