We’ve always been an advocate of the idea of a Universal McDonald’s in New York.

This argument is super convincing, and they should really put this petition in front of the White House

The Commercialization of National Parks


It only took 100 years for the National Park Service to let Corporate America in.



The McDonald’s Cocaine Spoon Fiasco by Zachary Crockett

How cocaine and the War on Drugs utterly destroyed McDonald’s coffee spoon

Attempting to One-Up The Golden Standard


McDonald’s is testing shake-your-own Seasoned French Fries in select markets across the US.

Ignorance Was Bliss


News from outside the comfort zone

A Game of Shark and Minnow

Infighting in the world’s youngest country, South Sudan

Iran clash with rebels and kills prisoners in retaliation

Help wanted in Fukushima, low pay, high risks, and gangsters

India and Pakistan still don’t get along

McDonalds tells employees to go on food stamps

The battle over the Western Sahara

US drones kill grandmother and laborers

21 year old peace deal ends amid fighting in Mozambique

Nigeria’s military killing thousands of detainees in it’s war against Boko Haram fighters

Trouble in Tripoli, Libya

Trouble in Tripoli, Lebanon


KC Ortiz / @kcortizphoto

KC Ortiz is a photojournalist based in Bangkok

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The People You Meet at McDonald’s

Exploring the interior designs of Los Angeles’ medical marijuana dispensaries

The Mystery of the Dog Suicide Bridge

Why Do NPR Reporters Have Such Great Names?

The Punk Music Scene In China

Internet Unearths Late-’80s Footage of Martin and Charlie Sheen Beating Michael Jordan in Basketball

Captive Audience: The Music Business in America’s Prisons

How Portable Paint Made Impressionism Possible

Introducing the Cronut, a Doughnut-Croissant Hybrid

Cities Are Good For You


— Chris Black / @donetodeath

“he loved cheeseburgers far too much to worry about any birds.”


Cats can get addicted to McDonald’s too.

via, arbroath

The Egg White Delight

McDonald’s is about to get all fancy with an egg white Egg McMuffin (egg whites, canadian bacon and white cheddar cheese on a whole grain muffin.)

image: lazy amateur rendering

Zesty Tomato Shake Shake Fries

Only available in Hong Kong... Still pushing for that McDonald’s World concept restaurant.

via, @EugeneKan

Kinda Teal Green

The McDonald’s in Sedona, Arizona is the only franchise one of the few in the world without ‘Golden’ arches. Peep these black arches too.

Not A Good Look For McDonald’s

Or humanity for that matter.

An attempted murder in Brooklyn was caught on surveillance video, you can watch it here.

The Sad Reality of a Shamrock Shake

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