Back in the Day When They Used to Market Cocaine

Like everyone else with a Netflix subscription, we’ve been bingeing on Narcos. And while watching crazy Pablo Escobar pile up and bury money in Colombia is great entertainment, we got pretty curious about where that money was ultimately coming from. In 1979, with one in ten adults using drugs on a regular basis, the American consumer was on fire, pumping an estimated $420 Million per week into Pablo’s pockets. With almost everyone using, needing to distinguish oneself from the next person blowing snow became a status move and the paraphernalia market boomed. Here, we look at some of the advertising from the coke era between 1976 and 1981. Times, they have changed.

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  1. Tim

    Copy is great – some nice lines in there.

  2. How about posting them in a format that we can actually see the text?

  3. Marc

    I remember a lot of these being in my dad’s Hustler and Penthouse magazines.

  4. bill

    No Deering Pocket Container? Bah!

  5. brian sodol

    why can’t you put all the photos on one page? why do i have re-click your page over and over to see the photos. get your site fixed. no one likes clickbait shit garbage like this.

  6. stoned

    hey cool topic, but fuck, you can even read them!!!!! and a click per pic….bullshit….im outta here on second pic.

  7. scannawhat

    Yeah I remember my home scanner from 1995.

    Is that where you’re posting from?


    On your 800×600 CRT?

    Where you can read the text because it’s not teeny-weeny?

    Must be nice. I like old ads. But my jeweler’s loop is at home.

  8. Indian Redditor

    If you want to read the text then pres ctrl & + a few times to increase the zoom. Press ctrl & – to reduce magnification.

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