The World’s Best Ever Guide to Handheld Vaporizers

Vaporizers, the future of inhalation. Advancing towards a culture where smoke is frowned upon and discreetness is coveted, vaporizers provide a healthier option for those with relaxing intentions. Each of the four units we reviewed is a worthy choice for purchase, and since they are all flower focused, the market for what you fill it with is wide open. Enjoy our recommendations below, and let the vape be with you.

Pax vaporizer by Ploom ($249.99)

Billed by many as the “iPod of vaporizers,” the PAX features a one-touch powering system, three heating levels, and a well-designed recharging dock that displays the vaporizer in such a way that it’s easy to see how the PAX has repeatedly drawn such technological comparisons. By far the most portable of the vaporizers we reviewed, the sleek PAX fits easily into a pocket and is no more cumbersome than a smartphone. Once on the go, getting the PAX filled is a breeze with its easy-to-load oven and magnetized lid that cleverly doubles as a packing device. The only drawback to the PAX might be the odor it emits, as the 30 second warm-up time means that a familiar scent will liven up the surrounding air. However, the PAX’s size enables stealthiness, which more than makes up for this sweet smelling problem. By the pool, at the beach, or in the crowd at a concert, the PAX’ll elevate you stylishly to a new level.
Firefly portable vaporizer ($269.99)

Resting firmly on its back with a glass-encased bowl area shining in the sun, the Firefly resembles a pipe from the future. Detailed with alloy and smooth to the touch, the Firefly boasts a deceptive magnetic cover that to the uninitiated must seem like Fort Knox. Once revealed, the bowl area is inviting and reassembly for action is simple. Featuring an on-switch to the left, and a trigger button to the right that when pressed “fires up” the bowl with an orange LED design flourish that harkens the user back to care-free college days while simultaneously confirming that they’re all grown up and use big boy toys now. While the weight and size limit the portability of the Firefly to bags, purses or the erstwhile cargo pocket, the smell is negligible and that goes a long way to appeasing inquiring minds as to what you’re really doing with that object from the future.
The Magic-Flight Launch Box ($119)

The most fun we had during these reviews was using Magic-Flight’s Launch Box. If MacGyver had made a vaporizer, this would be it. Housed in a tiny maple case, the Launch Box is activated by connecting a AA battery through a built-in hole to the heating element. Much like the Firefly, the bowl area brightens to a warming glow, reassuring the user that it is actually working and that yes, you are receiving that vapor. An optional glass stem is included with the Launch Box, and while the addition is reminiscent of a piece of 1980s blight, it’s the best way to take a draw from the vape. Easily fitting into the palm of your hand, if you’re cool with carrying a battery around in your pocket, the Launch Box is a very portable option that emits no smell at all. Without a doubt, the Magic-Flight Launch Box is the most affordable way to enter the world of vaporizing.
Ascent Vaporizer by DaVinci ($249.99)

Sporting carbon fiber accents, OLED temperature display, topside controls, and the ability to handle both flowers and concentrates, the Ascent by DaVinci is the tough guy vaporizer on this list. Roughly the size of 3 iPhones stacked and much lighter than your grandfather’s electric razor, it’s a vaporizer that’s as fitting on the Jersey Shore as it is in an office on Wall Street. The oven area is revealed with a 180º twist to the top, and similar to the Launch Box, the Ascent’s vapor is delivered through an optional, retractable glass stem at the base of the machine. Slow pulls are recommended and only a faint odor is released from the vaporizer. We ran the Ascent hard for over two hours and had no issues with the battery life, ensuring that it’s a good accompaniment for an afternoon at the racetrack.

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