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It’s not that I needed these original Nike Aqua Socks, it’s that they were in a size 12 and I felt like it was destiny to buy them. I don’t even know how a memory of my first pair triggered a google search, but it did, and now I have a hot pink version of some old foot technology being shipped across the continental US to Brooklyn. I probably won’t even wear these, since I remember how the top of the sock used to pinch my foot nonstop. And they’re hot pink. But I’ll try them on once, just to remember a warm day in the late 1980s at my grandparents’ pool in Marco Island, Florida. I guess I bought them for that memory, and the fact that I didn’t want anyone else who wears a size 12 to have them.

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  2. mike

    vaped-out shopping

  3. Jessica

    Ah this is crazy – My family has had a condo @ The Sandpiper in Marco for many years now – I definitely had a pair or 2 of these!

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