Emrata Unseen

By now you’ve seen her everywhere, but in June of 2012, we only knew Emily Ratajkowski as Tasha from iCarly. Looking back, we can all thank the talented lenswork of photographer Jonathan Leder for introducing EMRATA and her generous assets to the world. Here for the first time, we share exclusive outtakes from Leder’s photo shoot for Darius Magazine in June 2012.

{note: boobs}

Jonathan Leder is a New York based filmmaker and photographer known for his portraits of women, which capture the innate elegance of the female form. He has shot recent commercials for Adidas and Louis Vuitton, among other campaigns, and helmed the music video for Is Tropical’s “Lies.” He is the former publisher and Creative Director of Jacques Magazine.  Mr. Leder is currently working on his first feature-length directorial debut, American Ecstasy.