Artist Eats: Eric Beltz


For this installment of “Artist Eats,” we asked Eric Beltz to share his favorite place to eat. Eric is an artist based in Santa Barbara, CA, whose hypnotically detailed drawings describe worlds filled with rural magic. Working in series with titles like American Visions, Back to Eden, Elementary Forces and Trance Farm, he blends history, religion, shamanism, nostalgia, origin myths, the vernacular and botany. Continue reading for his answer.


“My favorite and one of my only lunch spots in Santa Barbara is the Blue Owl,” Eric says. “It’s where I bring visiting artists, friends and family. I have been following Cindy around town for years. She started as a late-night drunk food place using a Thai restaurant’s kitchen after hours. She eventually moved into her own place and added breakfast and lunch. I used to stop by for a Wake N’ Bacon after my morning dog walks. There’s nothing like an egg and bacon waffle sandwich with a crème brulee top! She still has that but now is only open for lunch and late nights on the weekends—but she is always trying new awesome things and her food pops up unexpectedly in different places.


“It is sort of against my religion to pay money for a sandwich but hers are put together with house-made bread, an intense assortment of home-made ingredients and love. They are truly special. Something as simple as a turkey sandwich in her hands becomes an elevated experience. Her Bahn Mi kicks ass and when she does the special spicy pulled pork version it is even more amazing. Porkducken, Peanut Butter Burger, Kimcheezer, Bleu Beef, special deserts, drinks… all this stuff is fantastic! It’s one of those places where you can close your eyes and throw a dart at the menu without worry. You’ll just wish you had a dozen darts!”
Blue Owl
5 W. Canon Perdido St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Portrait by Leela Cyd; Artist Eats logo made by Taylor McKimens

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  1. ooh, i’ve never been here!! putting it on my list 🙂 mmm.

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