Sound Advice 186: Wil Fry


We are pleased to present our 186th installment of Sound Advice featuring Wil Fry. Wil is an Australian born, New York-based designer.
Sound Advice 186

01. Give Life Back to Music by Daft Punk
02. The Game of Love by Daft Punk
03. Giorgio by Moroder by Daft Punk
04. Within by Daft Punk
05. Instant Crush by Daft Punk
06. Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk
07. Touch by Daft Punk
08. Get Lucky by Daft Punk
09. Beyond by Daft Punk
10. Motherboard by Daft Punk
11. Fragments of Time by Daft Punk
12. Doin’ It Right by Daft Punk
13. Contact by Daft Punk
14. On Sight by Kanye West
15. Black Skinhead by Kanye West
16. I Am a God (featuring God) by Kanye West
17. New Slaves by Kanye West
18. Hold My Liquor by Kanye West
19. I’m in It by Kanye West
20. Blood on the Leaves by Kanye West
21. Guilt Trip by Kanye West
22. Send It Up by Kanye West
23. Bound 2 by Kanye West
24. Holy Grail by Jay Z
25. Picasso Baby by Jay Z
26. Tom Ford by Jay Z
27. FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt by Jay Z
28. Oceans by Jay Z
29. F.U.T.W. by Jay Z
30. Somewhereinamerica by Jay Z
31. Crown by Jay Z
32. Heaven by Jay Z
33. Versus by Jay Z
33. Part II (On the Run) by Jay Z
35. Beach Is Better by Jay Z
36. BBC by Jay Z
37. JAY Z Blue by Jay Z
38. La Familia by Jay Z
39. Nickels and Dimes by Jay Z
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  1. Buddy

    Is this not the laziest playlist yet?
    Last week’s was great.

  2. lol

    No hate, but that’s one hell of a soundadvice?

    Your advising us to listen to Jay-Z / Daft Punk and Kanye West albums?

    GAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY, what’s next lil wayne?


  3. nodoze


  4. PurpleKushY

    Really dissapointed, this is a 40 year old having a mid-life crises type of playlist.

    All good though, next sound advice will more than make up for this debacle I’m sure.

  5. Listen To It

    okay, now that you’ve trolled your opinion, try giving it a listen! you may learn he deftly segued each song, using clips and transitions that make it fun to listen to. he got me to buy these and a few other CD’s whereupon i actually learned something!
    hey, learning! experiencing the same thing in a new way! give it a try!

    and Will Fry, please to enjoy again! 🙂

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