A fresh tee from Vacancy Projects

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  1. Sam O.

    Umm… Does this person not know the difference between Basquiat and Keith Haring?

  2. At comment ^ above: I’m the artist who designed this tee (Kristofferson San Pablo). Vacancy is my new project where I’m creating designs & other things based off his own my own personal work, but more geared towards products/collaborations/etc. I was definitely aware of the differences between the 2 artists when I created this design. If you look at my body of work ( I use a lot of those Homer dicks (titled Homerotica series) in my paintings, drawings & sculptures. When I first created this design, the canvas originally had a Basquiat style artwork based off the original photo, but when it translated to a digital/illustrator file, I didn’t really like the colors, marks, the way it looked, etc. so I decided to change it to a painting that I had made in real life to make it relate more to my own personal art practice that was definitely influenced by Haring in alot of aspect & do involve alot of Simpsons imagery. So in a way, this was more about me (the designer/artists behind the shirt) & the many influences that are in my work all rolled into one. Hope that clears things up.

  3. Plus I liked the idea of if Basquiat were still alive & decided to be influenced by his peers (Haring included) what would it look like. Of course as someone who grew up loving those artists, I put myself in the place as one of his peers in this day in age, hence the final image/design. I also liked the idea of wondering what would Bart (bootleg bart) do if he hung out with all the above & turned into an artist, & that’s what I came up with. haha

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