This Little Dude Had a Tough Day


Luckily, the coyote pup was saved from its prickly fate by a pair of workers at a nearby golf course.




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  1. Kathleen Martinez

    in a way, this is what childhood is supposed to be about. our kids are going to explore and resist their boundries, just as we did. there will be many mistakes made — some small & uneventful … others, not so much. now as parents ourselves we’re left with very little control over the things our kids do & say and we’d probably shutter if we knew about some of the situations they get themselves into. Just like our parents did when we were growing up & finding our way, we have to have faith in the foundation we’ve built and we have to trust that we’ve instilled enough common sense to allow for our children to make solid decisions. most of all we need to hope beyond all hope that our kids get lucky enough to make the kind of mistakes that they can learn from & build upon, without being catastrophically life altering for them or others. this coyote pup is lucky that this turned out to be just a learning experience, because without the aid of the golf course employees this very likely would have become a life threatening situation.

  2. Diane Smith

    I would like to have read the article, but the VODKA ad on the side of the webpage covers some of the words & makes it too difficult to read. A real shame.

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