Babes of Yore: June Wilkinson

June Wilkinson is a former English model and actress who at one point in her career was called “the most photographed nude in America”.

{note: boobs}

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  1. Pat

    Is it possible to download your great pictures of June Wilkinson ?

  2. David Dennick

    When I ” viewed yourself ” I lost my self control .

  3. Hello j wilkinson
    Just a message to let you know
    That peter bordon from battle. Died
    Serveral years ago.
    He was engaged to my mother and due to marry
    My mother but alas had a heatt attack and died
    Peacefully in bed
    Sorry for the bad news
    You may already know of his death,
    But as being the son to peters partner to be
    I thought it right to inform you
    All the best
    John elford

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