Ghosts of the Goldfield Hotel


Goldfield, Nevada is one of those eery towns that exploded during the gold boom of the early 1900s, only to be deserted almost completely in a matter of years. Millions of dollars worth of gold were produced in Goldfield between 1903 and 1940, and the town turned into an entertainment hub: legendary boxing championships took place there, and the Northern Saloon in town was said to be so long, 80 bartenders were needed to serve the length of it.

It only made sense then to build an opulent and oversized hotel to accommodate the newfound riches in town. This was the Goldfield hotel. When it was built in 1908, it was advertised as one of the most spectacular hotels in Nevada, with a lobby adorned with black leather upholstery, gold-leafed ceilings and mahogany trimmings, and 150 rooms outfitted with the best furnishings  available.


photo by everythingtonothing

But just like the gold would eventually run out, the town itself would eventually be reduced to nothing almost as quickly as it grew. A mere 12 years after the Goldfield hotel was built, the population dwindled from 20,000 to around 1,500 residents, and a large fire shortly thereafter destroyed most of what was left of the town. Until this day, the Goldfield Hotel stands eerily proud in the quiet town, a sturdy structure almost untouched by time. It’s only logical that rumors about paranormal activity have swirled around the property since the last hotel guests checked  out, back in 1945.

These rumors, which range from the outrageous (the Goldfield Hotel is one of the seven portals to hell), to the cliche (a pregnant woman was murdered there by her lover, a down-and-out banker committed suicide by jumping out of one the upstairs windows)  have turned the location into a popular destination for a variety of hoaky ghost hunting shows. For most paranormal investigators and psychics who visit the hotel, the experiences are what you’d expect: garbled would-be voices captured on tape, darting shadows spotted, the feeling of dread throughout the building, and so on.

Sadly for believers, fact is way less strange than fiction in the case of the Goldfield Hotel. It turns out that most of the widely circulated ghost stories about the Goldfield Hotel were almost certainly fabricated by Shirley Porter, woman who owned the Hotel from 1978-1981 in a book she penned, hilariously entitled “But You Can’t Leave, Shirley“. As for the whole “portal to hell” thing, let’s just chalk that one up to a TV producer with an active imagination.

—Alix / @alixmcalpine

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  1. Suzie

    I would like to stay there and find out for my self if it is really haunted. I do not believe in ghost stories.

  2. Cheryl

    I believe in the paranormal and I do believe ghosts reside in this hotel.

  3. morgan Byrge

    i want to stay there i have done over 50 reports on this.

  4. Brett

    I believe the hotel has spirits, and there is spirits among us, I use to be a non believer until I encountered one back it 2008, I am now a rim believer. I would like to visit the goldfield hotel someday

  5. Danny

    I was able to go inside the goldfield 4 times and I have the coolest pictures you would imagine ,from the gunfighter on the second floor that called me leucifer to all the people all agreed they liked us ,but not the punky ones !Elizabeth made a radiator bang in room 109,my first evp the man that liked my number.the midget he said his name is arnold,I also have a picture of him looking out at us wondering what was up,he likes to make whipping sounds,I have a pic of Virgil Earp in the back bar saying its Virgil,thenI find my best pic ever of Virgil! it usally happens that way,if anyone wants a pic Ill send ya one,cheers

  6. anon

    You saying that the Goldfield isn’t haunted is just as unsubstantiated as anyone saying that it is… actually, all evidence would seem to lean towards the latter.. this article is pure bologna

  7. I have actually been here, Being a Las vegas native and having a dad who loved Ghosttowns we had seen alot , i have been to goldfield nevada once and i still remember the hotel and eery stories weve heard about camera crews having equipment wrecked etc etc, All i will tell you is that i remember looking through a small crack and pearing inside and still can taste the musty dirty smell in the air and the feeling that i was unwelcomed, I just remember it being dark and dirty and even a bit chilly, but yes i have peeped inside the goldfield hotel and u could not pay me to spend any amount of time inside that place

  8. Eric

    My wife and I have been in inside this Hotel. I have no fear of (evil spirits) my faith in God trump’s any BS. But I will tell you this. There is some shit going on in there. I feel sorry for those lost souls that never crossed over. Because all I felt inside that place was sadness and a time lost that died way to soon.

  9. Amy Mccormick

    I watch the investigation DVD. Of the Goldfields hotel. That is pretty creepy stuff happened. I wish I could go visit the hotel. But I would never walk inside of that place. And I do believe in spirit and evil paranormal stuff. I feel sorry about Elizabeth what happened to her. I wish I could bring some flowers for her. I do believe that the Goldfield hotel have a history and the spirit is still there. And evil too. And I do believed that Elizabeth spirit is there. If you haven’t seen the investigation dvd you won’t believed your eyes when you see it. It’s very creepy. And its true.

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