The Quad Micro Bar


Pretty much necessary for a New York apartment.

via, coroflot

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  1. Delores Jackson

    I would like to purchase a Quad Micro Bar for my New York co-op.

    Please advise how.


  2. luana

    would love to buy one where?

  3. Gilles Methot

    I will like a plan of Quad Micro Bar
    Do you speak French Please

  4. Steph Maxson

    Good day!

    Are wood plans available for the quad mini bar yet?


  5. Greg Fisher

    I would like to know where I can purchase prints of the Micro Bar where I can make one.

  6. dan huezo

    how much for plans?

  7. Bridget Bamberg

    I would love to either purchase the bar or the plans for the bar. Can you advise?

  8. Paula

    Do you sell the plans to self make?

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