Mr. Apology 2


Following in the footsteps of the late conceptual artist Allan Bridge, a man also calling himself ‘Mr. Apology’ has set up a hot line for New Yorkers to say they’re sorry.

“Criminals Blue collar, white collar, you have wronged people. It is to people that you must apologize, not to the state, not to God. Get your misdeeds off your chest! Call APOLOGY *67 (347) 201-2446.”

photo: Ditmas Park Corner

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  1. Louis Friend

    Read the New York Times article…

    Friend the new Mr. Apology on Facebook…

    Follow him on twitter…

    Call the apology line and leave your own apology. Dial *67-(347) 201-2446
    He will record your message and post, tweet, and/or play your message on YouTube. (YouTube page is in the works.) DO NOT identify yourself.

    Read more:

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