Pibal, the Phillipe Staarck designed scooter / bicycle hybrid for Peugeot.

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  1. Philippe Stark stole our idea from 2010:
    It is a shame that star designers rip off young talents without even considering to hire them or give them any kind of credit!

    The biciklinette was made for the competition in Seoul in
    2010, by myself (I was still a student back then) and by my small team…and it’s been on vimeo and on behance since February 2011.
    It makes me really mad to see that today Starck makes the absolutely same bicycle
    without making any kind of effort to contact me or the other two members of my team!
    Please check out our bicycle and tell me is it possible that so much similarity
    can happen just like that…plus, when i got the idea for this one, back in
    2010 I’ve searched all through the web to see if there is anything similar to this cross-bread of a bicycle and a
    scooter was made and found nothing…however nobody found it so important and
    so special to post our work, but now that Philippe Starck did the absolutely
    same thing it’s all over the internet!

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