The Magic of the Stones

David Lynch’s latest short film focuses on lithography at Idem Paris fine art printshop.

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  1. DeGreg

    I didn’t find this piece to be very satisfying. It’s dashed off, the camera work is, frankly — shaky in the unintentional way that draws attention to itself. It appears to have been shot with miniature video consumer camera — the close ups are not close up and they lack texture — texture is everywhere in that room (no marco shots!?). The visual storytelling is pretty much non-existent and the piece is twice as long as it needs to be. It’s like a so-so photo essay by a TV news photog (not even approaching NPPA standards) that is pitched to the line producer (and is rejected as too long).
    I’m not David Lynch, but I could do better. I know it’s not a contest, so it doesn’t really matter. I know it’s David Lynch and I’m supposed to respond somehow differently because of this, but this piece does not deserve any special appreciation because it’s DL. And to call it a film? it’s like calling a pencil sketch in a moleskine a mural. I’m thinking it’s more like a rough cut (approaching raw footage), or something I might whip together while on vacation and put on my Facebook page. The sound is interesting in it’s density and repetition — I’ll say that.

    Any idea how much a page of David Lynch doodles are going for these day?

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