CUTLASS: A Goyard Machete


Serge Becker and Matt Goias of Miss Lily’s recently commissioned artist Toland Grinnell to customize an everyday object from Jamaican culture, the machete. “Using original Goyard leather, Grinnell crafted a perfectly-stitched sheath to house the stainless steel blade and had it painted it with the colors of the Jamaican flag in Goyard’s signature monogram style.” Killer.

Miss Lily’s & Toland Grinnell
Leather and stainless steel
Price available upon request

On display now at Miss Lily’s Variety
130 West Houston Street
New York, NY 10012




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  1. Benni Blanco

    Hate to be a “debbie downer”, as I like all things Goyard, but the quote is misleading. Goyard does not use leather, it’s a canvas fabric woven from cotton, hemp, and linen, and then coated in a gum resin. Sorry to spoil the fun, it’s still a great piece.

  2. Calvin Clarke

    How much fi dis yah cutlass an case?


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