David Choe and Asa Akira’s entertaining new podcast is up on itunes. Give it a listen.

“A new lifestyle, relationship and entertainment podcast for young adults, with the primary goal of helping youth with relationship, sexuality, gambling and career problems. As a practicing adult film star who has been to the std clinic more than most people, Asa Akira’s answers have medical credibility, but the addition of interior decorator David Choe and custodial comedian Yoshi Obayashi’s humor and insight result in a program with entertainment value as well. The entire crew repeatedly lures listeners with dirty jokes and wisecracks in hopes they’d learn something that could improve their lives. Actors or members of popular bands often participate as guests. Most people say they enjoy the show, but also keep in mind most people are liars.”

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  1. fuck yeah!
    if you aint hip to this shit, youre a total square ass bitch!

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