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Welcome to our new weekly column by The Principals, where every Friday they summon someone or something to the Principals office. Lessons will be learned, tears might be shed, parents could be called.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT, Bugzooka, pack your books immediately, you’ve been called… to The Principals Office!!


You’re asking yourself right now, Bugzooka!? Is that the kid I saw finger banging Coach Poon’s daughter in the tennis courts last Saturday? Or wait, is it some kind of bug-shaped bazooka, or a bazooka that shoots bugs?? Well if that’s what you’re asking, you’re wrong. In the war on bugs, it pays to walk tall and carry a big stick. The Bugzooka is an air-powered, silent operation, non-lethal, bug assassination apparatus. Dancing around like pansy with a rolled up magazine trying to smash bugs? Beat it Sancho, the Bugzooka is a tool for the serious exterminator. Against your religion to kill bugs? Peace out with the Bugzooka cause it’s non-lethal dawg. What’s important in life? Keep your kids safe and your walls safe from bug guts, so get the Bugzooka.

Grade: P for Pest de Resistance.

The Principals are a Brooklyn-based interactive design studio 

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