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Welcome to a new weekly column by The Principals, where every Friday we call someone or something to the Principals office. Lessons will be learned, tears might be shed, parents could be called.

Our first victim is Dario Fontanello, inventor of Spaghettieis. This is probably new to you all, but it exists. It’s a machine that makes ice cream look like spaghetti, and it’s a specialty in Germany and only slightly less horrible than it sounds.


For centuries ice cream was frozen (figuratively and literally, y’all) in it’s original state. Only occasionally new flavors were added, but not until the invention of the Sundae in the late 19th Century, did ice cream experience its first major paradigm shift. Nearly a century later in the dreary city of Mannheim, Dario Fontanello sought to match this feat, and flew too close to the sun. For reasons unknown to modern minds, he thought people wanted both ice cream and spaghetti at the same time. Using a potato ricer he turned ice cream into pasta, topped it with whipped cream and strawberry sauce (simulating tomato sauce) and Spaghettieis was born. And for that Dario, you get Detention.


Grade: E for “Edible Disaster”

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  1. El Toro

    I’m in tears here! From laughter and fear.

  2. Amanda Lu

    this is so delicious!

  3. Handsomeman McGoodlooking

    I posted this on my German girlfriend’s Facebook page and it brought a firestorm of anger and disbelief from her and her German pals. They assured me spaghettieis and its brethren pizzaeis were in fact delicious and you were fools for saying different. Personally I love ice cream in any form so I’m sort of hoping that other food shaped ice cream dishes becomes the big new trend of 2013.

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