Sound Advice 163: Hortlax Cobra


We are pleased to present our 163rd installment of Sound Advice featuring Hortlax Cobra. Based out of Stockholm and best known as John from Peter Bjorn and John, Eriksson also works as a solo artist under the name Hortlax Cobra. 1984 is his most recently released album, and actually the prequel to his debut Nightshift.
Sound Advice 163
01. Ice Drummer by Alan Vega
02. Steps Ahead by Old Town
03. By You by Tony Banks
04. The Duke Arrives by John Carpenter & Alan Howarth
05. Excerpt from Ballet for a Girl in Buchannon by Chicago
06. Mercy Lord by Mali Music
07. Cherchez La Ghost by El Michels Affair
08. Saturday Night Special by The Lyman Woodard Organization
09. Your Silent Face by New Order
10. Wheel of the Year by The Advisory Circle
11. Ice Drummer by Alan Vega


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