New Order
Merry Xmas From The Haçienda And Factory Records
24 December 1982

Limited edition of 4400 given away at the Haçienda, Christmas Eve, 1982.


1. Rocking Carol (a.k.a. We Will Rock You)
2. Ode To Joy

That Time Back in 1966 When Woody Allen Boxed a Kangaroo

(Thanks Alex!)

The Perverts Among Us

Sex, sex crimes, and other weird stuff happening in the world 

Wait, what? Scientist: ‘”Viewing online pornography can make you lose your memory.”

Don’t call young Swedish women sluts

He meant that things needed to change. A South Carolina man was arrested after throwing a jar of change at his girlfriend who denied his request for some oral pleasure.

How does one legally do that? Crime: Illegally Transporting East Texas Deer Semen

Hillbilly Porn is on the up and up

and while on that subject…

In just 6 years, 1.2 million years worth of internet porn has been watched on two websites


Morning Dose of Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

Or tomorrow. NASA explains.


Kate Moss Thursdays


At a safe distance.


Picture of the Day


Corey Arnold

Countries I’d Be Headed Directly To, If My Travel Decisions Were Based Off Of The Miss Universe 2012 Pageant

Copenhagen Suborbitals, a D.I.Y. Space Program



A great looking wooden laptop stand.

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Up All Night

Kiss, I Was Made For Loving You



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Reminisce Over This

Cella Dwellas, Land of the Lost, 1994

For the rest of the month we’ll be handing over these virtual wheels of steel to our friend Jerald of IMNOTATOY fame. Enjoy!

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