SLS AMG “Desire”

Do you control your desire? Or do you allow it to control you? The elusive devil can be a sensory – and involuntary – appetite starting with a gleam in the eye. So when a leather-clad Dougray Scott walks out of a dimly lit diner, temptation of course awaits.

The Scottish actor aspired to make billions as Ethan Hunt’s nemesis in Mission Impossible 2 and he’s been both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’s played at being a sadistic killer (New Town Killers), a chef falling in love (Love’s Kitchen), and is scheduled to be Dr. Godfrey in the soon to be released goth-horror Hemlock Grove. In this short video directed by Antony Hofman, we find Scott behind a gleaming Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

And he’s not resisting, of course, to harnesses the power and beauty of a 1695 kg amalgamation of precision design, performance, and aesthetics being fed by a V8 engine and controlled by a DCT 7-speed sports transmission, charging you up to 317 km/h. As the machine sparks over the dark streets of Los Angeles, the attraction ultimately rests on the drive you get.

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