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Joseph O. Holmes

Real Deal

Seriously, why didn’t anybody tell me about this comic before?

Check the Stussy x Real Deal t-shirt collection here.

via, @ToddJamesREAS

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Installation View: Reyes & Steel – All Write You Scumbags

This really fun show from two of my favorite Bay Area citizens Victor Reyes and Steel is on view at the Klughaus Gallery through October 7th. You have enough time to be lazy and still head over and see it. Or you can be real lazy and look at it here, but if you’re in NYC, go.

Watch a classic promo video below

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Stay High 149 “Voice of the Ghetto” Benefit Tee

Produced by Staple and limited to 149 tees.

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Up All NIght

Lou Reed, No Money Down

UNDERNEATH PROVIDENCE, Findings Thus Far Vol. 2 (The Blue Book)

Alex Lukas is back with a new zine continuing his exploration of the history of the East Side Railroad Tunnel.

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Reminisce Over This

Jay-Z ft. UGK, Big Pimpin’, 1999

Your Boy is Up in The Premiere Issue of M Magazine

Probably one of the few times I’ll ever show the public my dirty mug. Shout-out to friends Michael WilliamsMarcus Troy, and John Tinseth who were also in the shoot, as well as Peter Kaplan for creating it all.

Go buy a copy, it’s on newsstands now.

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Inside The Barclays Center

“The arena of the future” aka the most recent building for sports and entertainment.

via, hs


RRL’s Plaid Farrell Workshirt

As Efficient As 900 Psychic Readings


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