Openings & Parties: Futura – Future Shock

A pretty awesome crowd was out last Thursday night as Futura opened up Future Shock, a show of large scale works in a temporary space on Washington Street.

The event was presented by Andy Valmorbida, and sponsored by RVCA Artist Network Program, VistaJet, and Bombardier Aerospace.

Photos by Kristy Leibowitz

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  1. truth

    alright, it’s time for these old fuckers to get got. futura never inspired shit for anyone or laid any ground work for anyone, ever. ever. anyone can tilt a can for faded clouds and scribble on it. how the fuck is futura even relevant? you got your 15 minutes, it’s time to clock out and move on. fuck futura. and while i’m at it, and you’re still reading, fuck cope, cost, revs, supreme, basquiat, warhol, the beatles, and everyone else that milked what we love for a free ride. and props to all the hard workers that handle business daily.

  2. Jersey city Native

    I dont know about cost and revs being grouped in with this list, but fuck that guy cope. he called my favorite artist (david choe) a stinky chink faggot on twitter the other day. the art community shouldn’t support such a racist asshole. I’m an asian-american artist born and raised in this country, and took mad offense. from the bottom of my heart, fuck that dude.

  3. ansky

    really wish i could have gotten those couple minutes of my life back

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