Sound Advice 154: ICY Signs


We are pleased to present our 154th installment of Sound Advice featuring ICY Signs. ICY Signs is a Brooklyn Sign shop whose members include Stephen Powers, Justin Green, Mike Levy, Sean Barton, Mike Langley, Aindriais Dolan, Sam Meyerson, and Dan Murphy.

“These are all songs kept on repeat at the shop. Respect to DJ Wayne Junction” — Steve Powers
Sound Advice 154
01. Kodiak (Reprise) by Lilys
02. Brite Futures by Dum Dum Girls
03. Throw Aggi Off The Bridge by Black Tamborine
04. Subspace Biographies (live version) by Guided By Voices
05. Ceremony by Galaxie 500
06. Gods Cop by Happy Mondays
07. God Out West by Link Wray
08. Out In The Streets by Shangri-Las
09. Up On The Roof by Drifters
10. Ballad Of Dorothy Parker by Prince
11. Ghost Rider by Suicide
12. Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt by Yellowman
13. Baltimore To Washington by Woody Guthrie
14. Straight To Hell by The Clash
15. Fascination Street (12″ mix) by The Cure
16. I Don’t Like (wrong version) by Chief Keef
17. These Days by Nico
18. Last Thoughts on Woody Guthrie by Bob Dylan


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