Chicago Gang Sweaters

images via, gaylords, hoodup, & stonegreasers

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  1. carmine tenuta

    I would like to buy the 12st players sweater

  2. Julian

    Insane unknown sweater ..I wanna buy

  3. keri fitzgerald

    Looking for a Cavaliers sweater? Early 80’s

  4. chris

    Almighty Ambrose sweater

  5. I wanna buy the 26 sweater

  6. Fernando

    Hello im interested in a Latin Saints party sweater
    Please contact me asap

  7. I wana buy couple of two six sweaters

  8. X

    I want to buy any Gaylord sweaters.

  9. Bob

    have some old pictures of C-P Playboys sweaters if wont to post them

  10. rob

    Interested in a latin king party and war sweater

  11. tony franzone

    Want to buy a CORP maroon and white sweater. Will pay top dollar !

  12. G

    I’m interested in a Latin King sweater. Hit me up

  13. i would like to buy the Spanish Cobra Sweater

  14. Gio

    Would like to buy a Lk sweater how much

  15. D m

    Im trynna buy a spanish cobra one, lemme know if we can makke it happen

  16. Papa Doc

    I want a buy a Latin Count, hit me up

  17. Wicked

    Requesting a Blk & Gold LK party sweater

  18. Kato

    Need an IG sweater

  19. gio

    Looking for LK sweater

  20. John

    Interested in buying a Gaylord sweater

  21. Sonny Godinez

    interested in buying a Simon city royals sweater ,,, will pay TOP dollar for one

  22. Angie

    Latin kings sweater

  23. Ed Trevino

    Looking for a Harrison Gents sweater 60’s early 70’s.

  24. Xavier

    Looking for insane latin brothers sweater

  25. Redeemer

    Looking for a party and another war sweater LKz

  26. link

    i dont buy i take. lawndale altgeld -springfield lemoyne gaylords.

  27. george castanza

    would like to buy the taylor st. jouster sweater.

  28. frank

    intersted in a ambrose sweater

  29. george

    intersted in buying a taylor st. jouster sweaters.

  30. frank

    would like to buy a villa lobo sweater.

  31. I have AIGN war sweater for sale size leg 46 in flawless condition for$275.00 thanks & bless

  32. Pete

    I want to buy any Saints sweaters.

  33. Pete

    I would like to buy any Saints sweaters

  34. Evol

    Lookin for a LKing sweater

  35. dreamyeyes

    I am interesrted in buying a Simon City Royals party sweater.
    Size Large.

    Thanis in advance.

  36. Tom

    To whom it may concern, we hung out across the street from Lawndale Gaylords on Belden and Ridgeland in the 70’s. I would consider it an honor to own a seventies Lawndale Gaylord sweater preferably one with a patch.Thank You!

  37. Luis Rodriguez

    I would like to purchase a yellow and black with the lk patch. And a black and yellow with the crown. Plus hit me up. Very serious offer.

  38. Bigbillmrbill

    Looking for a Gaylord sweater not to high in price thanks

  39. Andy

    Would like to buy a Latin King Sweater

  40. Eddie

    Im interested in a Latin King party sweater or war sweater

  41. spencer wnuk

    looking for any simon city royals sweaters or patches

  42. Jerrell

    I will like to but a ISCN sweater contact me

  43. Steven

    Would like to buy old school Satan’s Disciples sweater with the old emblem.

  44. Joe

    Looking to buy an original Spanish Cobra sweater purple and gray or purple and white Originals

  45. Alex

    How much for a SD war sweater and additional patches if in stock.

  46. Chris

    Looking for imperial gangster sweater

  47. Luis

    I wanna buy a sin city boys sweater

  48. I would like to know how to get in touch with someone who’s selling these sweaters I was in contact with a guy named Image Oasis on ebay but lost contact. So I hope someone will help me.

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