Lie Strong, a 2010 piece for GQ by Andrew Corsello seems fairly relevant right now.

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  1. Guy Love

    It really doesn’t. At all. He’s still maintaining innocence.

  2. antman

    woo hoo, we’ve brought another one down!… Well, what if he’s innocent and actually the victim?
    but fuck it! it’s easier to pillory and shout and point, and light the torches- hooray! kill the monster!

    but to get up off your flabby arse and work, and train and dedicate and actually give a shit, oooh, too much like hard work.

    bollocks to the culture that celebrates this.

  3. brian fart

    1. this piece sucks.

    2. the artist who made this will never in there life work nearly as hard as that man (lance) has.

  4. Steve

    He’s still maintaining innocence.

    Just like OJ Simpson.

  5. Eric

    Wonder how many of the haters listed above are having second thoughts today…..hmm? See: Oprah!

    Love this pict.

  6. Frank

    FYI You were all wrong to defend him choads, where you at now?

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